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  1. darkotakusouls

    Send user to title screen

    After my players beat my game I want to sent them to the title screen, but I can't figure out how to do that.
  2. darkotakusouls

    Coverup Tileset Items when Mapping?

    I just bought RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to make a game. I like that tileset items can overlap each other, but I was wondering if there was a shortcut to replacing an item on the map instead of overlapping it. For example, if I place a rock on the map, then decide to change it to a bush I have...
  3. darkotakusouls

    Uzi’s Drugged Adventures: Undead Memories

    The next installment of Uzi’s Drugged Adventures is here, and it’s filled to the peak with brand new features that make the game even more addicting. Two new stats: LUST and HIGH Over 70 different types of ammunition A brand new Uzi sprite with removable clothes Chest content is...
  4. darkotakusouls

    Script for adding Face Graphic

    I'm using CSCA random loot plugin and when you open a chest a message pops up that says what you got. The code in the plugin is: I want to add a face graphic to the message, like you would if someone was talking, but I don't know how to do add that in. Plug-in Link...
  5. darkotakusouls

    Uzi's Drugged Adventures: Vengeance with a side of eggs

    Story / Setting / Purpose: Uzi is a crazy little fixer that is addicted to pretty much every drug she can get her hands on. But how did she get this way? Nobody knows. The truth lies deep with in her mind. Even though she doesn't care to know the truth, the truth wants to be heard. After...
  6. darkotakusouls

    Uzi's Drugged Adventure LITE

    This is my first time making a game with RPG Maker. It was a lot of fun. If a lot of people like my game I plan on buying the full verison and making more games about Uzi and other Moe Wars characters. I hope you enjoy it. Summary: After going into one of her drugged delusional states, Uzi...

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