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  1. Lady_JJ

    RMMV Math Maven - One Map Challenge

    Math Mavens is my entry to the One Map Challenge. It is geared for kids grades K-1 and based upon rote math learning rather than traditional battles. The inspiration comes from a thread I stumbled across in this forum.. Maps - 1 Events - 5 Common Events - 3 Variables - 9 Switches - 2 Script -...
  2. Lady_JJ

    Request for pendant necklace MV

    Resource Type: Generator accessory Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP The default generator items include a pair of earrings but not much else in the way of jewelry. I would like to request a pendant necklace of just one large stone. (I like the first better)...
  3. Lady_JJ

    Equip a weapon/armor using JS

    I've been searching for days and have found many threads dealing with looking to see if a particular was equipped, or if a particular weapon is equipped then do this else do that, but there is only one thread I can find that deals with the simple equip this weapon. This method coincides exactly...
  4. Lady_JJ

    TTS (Text to Speech)

    I'm using this plug in and I'm wondering if it's possible to change the voice. The voice is male for me and I'm hoping to toggle between a male and a female voice. Is there perhaps another plug in that will do...

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