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  1. Alkemical

    Hearthstone Thread: My winrate can't be this cute!

    "Come on in! The wind is howling out there!" What this thread is for: -Dropping your battletags so others can add you. -Share/discuss fun/interesting decks you come up with or come across on the internet. -Talk about upcoming/ongoing tournaments. -Talk about upcoming/ongoing expansions, events...
  2. Alkemical

    Style test/poll for upcoming fan-comic

    So, long story short: I want to make a comic that covers one of the longest D&D campaigns I've played through. Problem is, I can't decide on how the faces for the characters should be like. Hence why I'm putting this up, to see which one people like more. The "Yahtzee" faces are kind of based...

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And now since I've got the whole game parts working, the *contents* await.

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