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  1. Korzara

    My Custom Window not showing up in Scene_Menu

    My sampleWindow isn't showing up in the Scene_Menu, instead it's showing the default Gold_Window where it should be. This is the code that I'm using: function Window_Sample() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments);};Window_Sample.prototype =...
  2. Korzara

    Making Demo Reviews + Interviewing People On The Forums.

    I'm going start a Interview series and I need some people to interview. (I got this idea from watching a Podcast that I follow and wanted to dip my foot in the water of something similar.) So if you want to do an interview and perhaps gain some publicity for your yourself and also have a good...
  3. Korzara

    MV Visual Novel Project | Version 1.1 Released

      (Haven't updated this yet haha.)     What's the MV Visual Novel Project? It's a open-source project that will bring visual novel aspects such as Relationships, Triggered Events and Reputation into RPG Maker MV. This project hopes to bring these concepts in with the use of scripts, switches and...
  4. Korzara

    Korzara's Logo Shop | Currently Open!

      Introduction: Hello everyone, I'm Korzara and this is my completely 100% free Logo Shop! I decided to make this due to the fact that before I make a Classified Offer for my arts I would prefer to help people for free first (And also brush up on my skills...) Hopefully you'll like my works and...
  5. Korzara

    MV Guides - How to make a Character Creation System with Events!

    MV Guides: ~ Presented by Korzara Development ~   How to make a Character Creation System with Events: (Note: Please look over your character creation event and make sure the "Name Input Proccessing" is set to right actor. I forgot to address this in the video...)  
  6. Korzara

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! I'm Korzara, a RPG Maker MV developer, graphical artist and a HTML/Bootstrap developer from the depths of NC. Hopefully I can become a well-known member here and can be as friendly as possible to those who cross my path here. From what I can tell this is a very welcoming community and I...

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