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  1. Wes Lesley

    Icon-t fit any more icons in that file.

    ... yeah i didn't need to cram Icon into a sentence that already has Icons in it. Anyway. So you know the image file for icons? ... can I have more? Like... twice, three times that? Is that possible? ... Please?
  2. Wes Lesley

    Walkin' on sunshine (or rather a specific region)

    Sup? My last question of the year will be... "Can I somehow have an NPC walk randomly BUT only on tiles marked with a specific region?" And let me wish you all a very happy new year!   click for dog
  3. Wes Lesley

    Don't aim at yourself.

    Sorry, no cutesy intro this time. I got a skill. The user of the skill can only use it on someone else in the party, but not themselves. Specifically, it's a kiss. you're not able to kiss yourself, so... yeah.  Is there a way to make sure that can't happen?  Thanks!
  4. Wes Lesley

    Event close? Change event behavior!

    Bats. **** 'em. flying around in caves, attacking the player, always the same thing. But hey they're a cliche and i like cliches. *shrug* But what would be really cool? if bats just did random stuff until the player got within, oh, say, three steps of them, and then they'd home in on him...
  5. Wes Lesley

    Fight or Flight: picking your fights visually

    Sup? so i found but ... Doesn't work. well, it does but... not the way I'd hoped. Help me tweak it please? :D I want the encounters to trigger random battles - but otherwise no random battles...
  6. Wes Lesley

    Behind me! Right behind me!

    Sup? Man, I've been trying to ask this question but i keep forgetting what the question was... even now, i opened the window to make this post - and i freaking forgot! then five minutes later I remembered and now we're here. And that's important. And specifically, who's right behind me (or...
  7. Wes Lesley

    LOST: cave video tutorial.

    Sup? I've been going around youtube finding video tutorials (because science) and there was one where they explained how to make the player be a sort of light source, and the further away from the player something was, the darker it was shown. Thing is, I can't find it anymore. :( It...
  8. Wes Lesley

    Absolute Certainty

    Sup? So it's steam sales for the holidays so I just wanna check off real quick: if I buy any RPG Maker version (XP, 2003, etc) I can strip the assets and use them in my RMMV, right? There's no restriction of art or music to be limited to any other set of programs, like say you can only...
  9. Wes Lesley

    Blood Drinker

    okay so i like doing punny stuff for titles but i know this one is going to get missed by everyone not because i'm so terribly bright but because nobody's gonna have read the damn thing from the damn book i don't know the damn title of anymore. so how can i expect you to know it when i forgot...
  10. Wes Lesley

    Whip animation isn't showing

    I have a character who fights with a whip, but the whip doesn't show when she attacks. D: I don't know what to do. edit: strange. I noticed that, though she should start with the weapon equipped... she doesn't have the weapon. and the game can't show something she isn't wielding.
  11. Wes Lesley

    Pushing my buttons (more buttons)

    Sup. I got a SNES controller and they got up down left right A B X Y L R start and select A is confirm/interact B is cancel (sometimes run) Y is dash (sometimes map) X is the menu well okay that's not always the case but anyway L is previous R is next (and thanks to a...
  12. Wes Lesley

    What makes ICON.PNG so special?

    I'm trying to use Enigma Virtual Box to make a single executable of the game I'm working on. it seems to go perfectly except it can't read Icon.png ... I don't know why. Anybody got an idea? 
  13. Wes Lesley

    Call them by the right title.

    Hiya. So I'm using a credits plugin that can only get images from the Title1 folder. and as far as I know I can only show images from the Pictures folder. and when things from plugins aren't used in the game, they don't get deployed. Like Yanfly's ATB plugin using Decision1 SE, it's...
  14. Wes Lesley

    Move, NPC, Get out the way!

    Yes yes yes I googled and found auto push NPC. But is there a way to (perhaps through a common event or something) to make it so that you can walk into NPCs and they don't budge... but you can run through some? Not all. Just... the annoying ones. Play a little sound. like whoosh. can't...
  15. Wes Lesley

    To level up or not to level up? That is (part of) my question.

    A conditional based on how high the level of a character is. For example - if you're below a certain level, you get a basic sword. if you're a high enough level, you get a sword that isn't sh- I mean, you get a good sword. I can't find anyplace to link a conditional to a character's level...
  16. Wes Lesley

    Location, location, location

    Is it normal that the YEP_SaveCore 1.02 shows location as the map name rather than the display name the player gets to see (when the option to display name is active)? Because it shows "demon forest" on my save file when it should be the less ominous sounding "South Forest". Demon Forest...
  17. Wes Lesley

    -don't- show text.

    Hi there. Is there a way to put text in a text box that ISN'T displayed? I'm putting some foreign languages in there and I like to have translations handy for me while I work on it - as the glyphs the language uses appear as blocks in the editor (though thanks to the font they look badass...
  18. Wes Lesley

    Specific Blessing: a middle finger to enemies

    Hiya! I would love to have: a limited set of items you collect...  ... that you can use in battle... ... that remove all ailments including knockout... ... and restore all HP and MP... ... and works on all party members in the fight, whether or not they're alive or dead...
  19. Wes Lesley

    Weapons for Dummies: a HOWTO

    Is it possible (i assume it is, but via script or something) to add traits to a character? Specifically, the ability to wield weapons. Like you can learn attacks and such. I'd like to make book items that allow the protagonist (not the others in the party, if possible) to learn to wield...
  20. Wes Lesley

    Yanfly makes the ground move!

    see that? That white bar on the bottom happens with the 1.22  what's odd is, it doesn't -always- happen during the first fight, but it ALWAYS happens during the second fight, and any fight afterwards. the back wall (the houses and the wall and those trees and barrels) doesn't move...

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