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  1. Onism

    So... I messed up, help please?

    Hey all, I wasn't sure where to post this, so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I was tempted to go for resource requests but was unsure due to it not asking something to be created. Anyway, I was playing around with the generator, and basically messed the entire thing up. I have variations...
  2. Onism

    RPMV Clothing Generator Part Edit?

    Hey all, So I was hoping someone could potentially edit this clothing part for me? So both the Main Colour and Sub Colour 1 have been made black in the example to try highlight the bit I'm talking about. The character is wearing a white shoulder-scarf-shawl- thing (if someone can give me the...
  3. Onism

    Screen Tints

    Hey all, I was wondering how many people make use of screen tints? And if you do, how so? I know that some people use them for time and a day/night mechanic. If so, how many times a day do you change it? But I was wondering if people have used it differently. I imagine it's used in caves etc...
  4. Onism

    I just need to rant and don't really have anyone to talk to rn

    So I was organising a project. Inspired by poems on the underground, I was planning on getting submissions of poems from various other third-year creative writing university students, and then put them on posters, one poem per poster, and put them all over the city where we live/study. I had...
  5. Onism

    RMMV Time Systems + NPC Movement Routes. How much is too much?

    Hi all, So I have a time system in my game that currently includes a clock that tells the player the time, as well as a weekday cycle. I firstly just time, and then wanted the day system. I also have a randomised weather system. When I first just had a time system, I made each npc have a set...
  6. Onism

    Could someone edit a Yanfly plugin for me?

    Hi all, I was hoping there would be someone who could help with changing a MV plugin a little? I want to use Yanfly's 'Item Menu Categories' to add more item categories for my project, this plugin is an extension for the ItemCore plugin, and so it obviously requires that. The only problem is...
  7. Onism

    Rename Item Menu Button and Item Category Individually?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there was a way that you can have different names for the 'item' option on the menu, and the 'item' category within that option? As I've gone into the database and changed the terms so they're more to my personal liking. I didn't like how 'item' was singular, so...
  8. Onism

    A Couple of Paralax Plugin Requests

    Hey all, Is anybody able to create a script or plugin, or knows of one, that can do a couple things to extend the things we can do with parallax backgrounds? The first thing I want to do is to be able to fade between two parallax backgrounds as a transition? As obviously the only way in MV...
  9. Onism

    Favourite Tilesets?

    Hey everyone, I've been attempting to try and find some tilesets that match the style of the RPG Maker MV tiles (the slightly more cartoon-y look, I suppose?)- as I like the general style and look of them, but just find that there aren't huge amounts of variety within the base program. I...
  10. Onism

    Making a tile appear above the player?

    Hey all, First off, no, this is not the basic problem that's fixed by going into tilesets and making said tile a star. Secondly, don't judge the map please it's the first I've done that isn't following the tutorials, so I know it's not great. Basically, I want the player to be able to walk...
  11. Onism

    welp. i suppose i should make one of these handy dandy intro threads

    Hiya ^^ I'm Onism, but I generally go by Kalo. I'm 20 years old, a university student, and a lover of books, poetry. I've always been interested in gaming and the creation of it, but due to many reasons I never really ventured into it (minus primary school i.c.t classes where we went on...

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