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  1. Alador

    SERVICE Music

    Hey everyone, if you need a music artist for any of your games, send me a DM and I'll see what I can do! Samples:
  2. Alador

    [SOLVED] Arrays?

    Hey everyone, do you know how you would make an array in rpg maker MV? Thanks!
  3. Alador

    Game Jam?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if I could host a game jam on the RPG maker site, similar to how the no travel one worked. If this isn't a possibility then that's fine! I'm already hosting the jam on Even though I'm hosting on, though, I would also like to possibly host one here...
  4. Alador

    Event sensing problems

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide some help with eventing/possibly scripting. I'd like to know how to make events sense other events without using a heck ton of variables. So, in this picture, every square is an event. One event would be somehow tagged as a bomb, and...
  5. Alador

    Map design?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section... Anyways, do any of you people have some tips about map design? I got on a website full of juxtaposition, like "fill it with treasure, but don't clutter your world, make it big, but don't make it too big..." That's not an actual quote, but you get...
  6. Alador

    [SOLVED] Change Encounter Message/Terms mid-game

    Hi there, I am working on a game where it is necessary to change the Encounter message temporarily so that instead of seeing "(enemy name) emerged!" For a specific battle, you instead see: "(variable 1 value) sent out (enemy name)!" Any help, advice, scripts, etc. would be great.

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Super stoked i just finished my first town in my project, by finished i mean i can always add more decorative aesthetics and the NPCs don't talk yet but the mapping is complete and all the important chess pieces are present!
My brain: Hey, I have an idea how to make the transition to the main story quest in The Wastes more natural!
Me: Good!
My brain: You need to remake the hotel you start out in, it's not realistic enough.
Me: Ok... This was unexpected, but I can do it.
My brain: Now make each hotel floor 5 times as large to match the main part. Oh, you also need to make a bunch of new npcs to fill in the space on these maps.
Me: Crap.
Should be able to release Haxe MV/MZ next weekend.
It look that somehow MZ tracks are messed up (for example battle4 is obviously a theme, castle2 is a ship, ship1 is a scene and so on..). Maybe they just named them after with some ambiguity.
is there a script call that return how much turn has passed in battle?

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