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  1. Problems with skills

    Here is skill. When I remove bard class, and I add skill to any other class on lvl 1 that skill wont show up in game. But when I add Bard class back skill on bard class on lvl 1 start again to show up on other classes in game. I change my classes with basic event and loop
  2. Problems with skills

    oh and also when I remove bard class I cant add any skill on lvl 1 to any of my other classes
  3. Problems with skills

    Every skill that I add to bard class on lvl 1 cause this problem.
  4. Problems with skills

    Ok so here is screen of my RPG VX ACE. I created that bard class long ago bot just now I dont know why it started affecting all of my classes. As you can see there is Fire breath that I used as experiment on lvl 1. But now when I start game all of my classes have this skill on lvl 1. And this...
  5. Problems with skills

    Hello. I have problems with skills. I already made 10% of my game. Now, my problem is that when I assign skill to class it doesnt show up. Also there is a Sage class and its supposed to have Thunder at lvl.1. But instead of thunder when I start the game my magic skill show fire and no thunder...

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