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  1. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    0ups, sorry. :( I will not doing again. Thanks, Shaz ! You're really helpful. I think it's this plugin whose fail to load data from the save, as you said, cause it happens only with this plugin and my old saves, no matters if there is or not another plugin installed. But if I start a new game...
  2. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    The problem is that I can't simply start a new game, since first episodes have been distributed... So I suppose I can't add this plugin.:LZSsad: So, I can't use this plugin in the first part of the game, that is not really important. But after a certain time, the user must restart a new game...
  3. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    So bad. :( Is there a way to know if the game is played in canvas or webgl mode, and save this information in a variable, or maybe with a switch, so I can adapt is comportement ? Thanks, anyway. EDIT : Hm, it appears to don't work at all, in my project, even in webGL mode. Without any plugin...
  4. Olivia's horror effects plugin doesn't work in canvas mode ?

    Hi. I purchased Olivia's horror effects plugin, and it doesn't appear to work in canvas mode. Is it normal ? I have RMMV 1.6.1. Thanks for helping. EDIT : It seems that I posted in the wrong section and I can't move it. :(
  5. [solved !] change playtime ?

    It's very instructing ! Again, thanks a lot ! :)
  6. [solved !] change playtime ?

    In fact, what I'm doing now, is this : 1) I get the Graphics.frameCount from the current save (alternatively, perhaps I can multiply the ingame-readed playtime by 60), and write it into a .txt file ; 2) Close the game ; 3) The player start a new game ; 4) instantly, read the .txt file, and...
  7. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Thanks ! I see... I suppose. : p Get the Graphics.frameCount from a save file isn't a problem, but I fail to modify it with a script in the new party. I tried (as I said, I'm a noob in js, please don't laugh ^^") : - [EDIT : this one is working] Graphics.frameCount = 864000 -...
  8. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Actually, I've a very, very poor knowledge in js. I begin with this language. Assuming that I can get the play time with an event command and store it into a variable, isn't there a way to reinject it into the new game ? The playtime is the only thing I miss, now, to properly make that I'm...
  9. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Thanks to you two. What I want to do is this: After a few hours, the player starts a new game, modified by some .txt files. So everything works perfectly, with the alternative playthrough, but that means its play time goes back to 0h0mn0s. What I need is a way to change that into its actual...
  10. [solved !] change playtime ?

    Hi ! Does anyone know how to change the playtime? It seems to be calculated by multiplying _framesOnSave, but is there a way to overwrite this variable, with a bit of js I guess? I just tried to do "$gameSystem._framesOnSave = 216000" (or some other value, doesn't matter), but it had no...
  11. More than 999 maps in a project

    My game is currently about 50 hours, with a lot of cut-scenes and many different zones. I do not like the idea of merging maps that have nothing to do with each other, but I guess I do not have a choice ... so I'm going to do that. Thank you for your answers.
  12. More than 999 maps in a project

    My RM2K3 project have more than 1600 maps, cause it's very narrative and linear, with a lot of scenes on many different maps. So it's a real problem for me to be limited to 999 maps, if I want to rebuild it into RMMV.
  13. max number of map in mv

    Hem, I already use 1600 maps in my RM2K3 project. So, if I can't handle more than 999 maps... I can't remake it on MV. I'm disapointed, cause I already began to do it, so I NEED to use more than 999 maps. :(

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