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  1. RKDV

    Hello! RKDV here!

    Thanks man, greatly appreciated! My stuff is made in FL studio 10, as will the rest that will be a part of the project. In fact, I have a producer competition at SOB's in NYC on the 12th of September; there, if I make the final round, I will be showcasing some music from the game in a effort to...
  2. RKDV

    GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for Ace

    Hooooolllllyyyyy *head explodes*
  3. RKDV

    Question about Victor's animated battle system

    I ended up finding this awhile ago(I didn't make it, just found it on Deviantart, credit going to Xronosmax). Hope the attachment clarifies some things!
  4. RKDV

    The pros and cons of an overland map

    I was wrestling with this question for awhile. Here are the couple of instances I thought of   1: Connecting maps similar to Ragnarok Online. See the attachment for this. 2: Making World "Region/Continent" maps, giving the illusion of a bigger world. You could utilize a mini-map for the overall...
  5. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    Hella work, but it's less scripting and more artwork on my part, lol. Admittedly, I was looking for an easier out, but I have no problem getting my hands dirty. I'll mock up the graphics alittle better, and we'll revisit this under a newer thread...I think we may have veered off from modifying...
  6. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    Tsu and Dark, you guys are amazing. This has helped me leaps and bounds! Originally, and I know how redundant this may seem, but I was going to create the grids with character battlers on each, using the battle animation to imitate movement from one grid space to another, when in reality It...
  7. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    I'm as much willing to pay as I am willing to self code. I Pm'd Victor, but it seems as if he's taken on several projects. Heck, I didn't even get a yes or no, so I'm just attempting to weight out diffiiculty vs. possibility, lol. I actually downloaded Gubid's system, I just never got around to...
  8. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    So In theory, this would be something better suited to custom developing from scratch? You are right Tsu, there is no "empty space" implemented in Victor's system. I was just wondering if it would be easier to modify (with permission of course) an existing script, or just start from scratch...
  9. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    My apologies, will do.
  10. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    Firstly, my apologies if this question is in the wrong area; I did a search and related matters seemed to appear in this area. Like many here, I've taken on the endevour of creating an rpg. Where I seem to run into issue is how I'd like my battle system to work; the ideal vs. reality so to...
  11. RKDV

    Hello! RKDV here!

    Good stuff man! Yeah I took a break for allot of, military, babies...lmao, life has a way of coming full circle eh?
  12. RKDV

    Hello! RKDV here!

    Greetings fellow game development enthusiasts! Admittedly, I’ve been lurking for some time now, attempting to grasp the changes in RPG Maker. When I first started, it was with Don Miguel’s translation of RPGM2k1…when I was 16ish. Now, at the ripe age of 27, I’m attempting to fulfill a life...

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