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  1. Lionmeow

    Removed RTP, changed character battler, still needs old battler?

    I have removed the RTP from my game because I prefer not to have it. However, when initiating a battle, it just gives me the issue "Unable to find file Graphics/Battlers/001-Fighter01.". I have changed the player battler to my own custom one, and the enemies also use my own textures, so I'm not...
  2. Lionmeow

    A script for RMXP specifically for creating an event (or a good alternative) via script

    Making a script/common event for throwing items, and I've made some good progress. However, I need to figure out how to create an event or something like that the player can interact with to pick the item back up.
  3. Lionmeow

    Need to figure out how to remove specific items from the inventory

    I've been needing a script for removing an item from the inventory based on the ID. However, any script I try just ends up erroring out (probably because I've been trying various scripts but I don't think any of them I found were RMXP specific). Can someone build/use a script to remove x item...
  4. Lionmeow

    [RXMP] How to Make a Sprite Disappear Without Removing Event

    So I need this for a game I'm developing. Basically, the idea is you interact with a cat and it comes with you. My problem is I need the sprite of the cat to disappear (the sprite that the event looks like) but for you still to be able to interact with where the cat was and have it say something...
  5. Lionmeow

    Breaking the fourth wall!

    Hello, I am a new user of RPG Maker XP. I have an idea for a game to create, however it requires fourth wall breaks, and I have no clue how to do that! Examples of what I want to do is: create/change/delete files on the user's system move the window around change said window's name create a...

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