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  1. Imitating the Synchronize Ability from Pokemon

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how I can have a character who their ability is that whenever an enemy applies a state to them like Poison, burn ect. that state also gets applied to the enemy as well. Enemy uses Poison ---> Poison state is applied to actor ---> Poison state is also applied...
  2. Applying State to actor via Item Equip

    Thanks dude! It works, now I just gotta figure out how to make the effect removable
  3. Applying State to actor via Item Equip

    I just imported the script and it gave me an error, looked at it and noticed the script is for RPG Maker MV. have they made a version for VX ace?
  4. Applying State to actor via Item Equip

    Ok. So I am trying to recreate the Focus Sash item in my game. I have an equipable item called Focus Sash and I want to apply a state to the actor while that item is equipped. from what I have read on here to do this I need to make a common event that checks the actors for certain equips then...
  5. Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    I just brought the tarot battlers yesterday and I have to say my favorite designs you made were the Hanged Man_005 and the Charriot_005.
  6. Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    Nice, do you have any idea when they will be up on steam, I really want to support you, but I only really buy things from steam and I don't have a paypal or anything to donate.
  7. Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    Oh, Cool! Will this be Purchasable DLC on Steam or will it be free to download from here?
  8. Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    Hey Thalzon, Im just wondering, are you planning on doing any more themed packs soon, I really like the Tarot and the Egyptian themed ones you did and im just wondering if there are any more you are working on.

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