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  1. Czlapman

    Stuck with state icon in abs mode (chrono engine)

    Hi. Im using chrono engine abs mode and I need relocate state icon from black to red arrow. Any ideas how to make it?
  2. Czlapman

    Need help with shield's in Chrono engine.

    Hi fellow game makers. I have nice time with Mogshunter's chrono engine, specifically with abs mode. All work fine but i have problem with shields. They just refuse to work. Any tips or solution?
  3. Czlapman

    Zelda like battle system (QABS)

    I have problem with animations in QABS. I want make sword swing animatons but idk how to proper make it. Swing animation just float around character. There is any option to start animation from character, doesn't matter from which direction char standing?

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