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  1. luigidicarlo

    [DEMO] RPG Fighter League - A Battle to Finish! [Steam] Early Access

    Hello! So far, I absolutely love this game! I was really attracted to the idea since I first read the post and now that I've tried the demo, I've really grown to love it. You've earned a fan! :D I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about some aspects that, if improved, would...
  2. luigidicarlo

    Greetings from Oblivion (?)

    Hello people! I'm just passing by to make my formal introduction to the forums. The name's Luis Huerta, although you may use my nickname to refer to me. I had initially created an account here aeons ago, but I had never posted anything or participated in the community. So, I'm looking forward...

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I think my goal for MZ ... is to actually release a game and not have twenty technical demos and debugging projects. Let's see if I can manage that. ;o
I am starting to enjoy writing. I never thought I would enjoy it since my dyslexia was holding me back so much.
Thanks to the community here :)
For those interested chapter 2 and 3 are available to read here:
I'm having a fun time working with the MZ RTP. The waterfall hasn't changed, though, so I'm wondering if they didn't make a new one or if they forgot to put it in...

good progress on the typescript Definitions files almost done all the Manager and yet I still have to do the Battle Manager...who is seriously so much data lol
Are the export options for MZ known yet?

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