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  1. Export Messages to Text (.txt)

    can this export event too after some edit .Like Whole content?
  2. Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    sry i forgot im newbie the game i was trying on is A Zombie Life yes i started a fresh new game yes i am clicking on a possible tile and seems like click is a action (space button) in that game with this script
  3. Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    mouse move is not working for me (player is not moving when i click)

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I think my goal for MZ ... is to actually release a game and not have twenty technical demos and debugging projects. Let's see if I can manage that. ;o
I am starting to enjoy writing. I never thought I would enjoy it since my dyslexia was holding me back so much.
Thanks to the community here :)
For those interested chapter 2 and 3 are available to read here:
I'm having a fun time working with the MZ RTP. The waterfall hasn't changed, though, so I'm wondering if they didn't make a new one or if they forgot to put it in...

good progress on the typescript Definitions files almost done all the Manager and yet I still have to do the Battle Manager...who is seriously so much data lol
Are the export options for MZ known yet?

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