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  1. MagicalWolfie

    Thank you, I'll cherish it forever

    Thank you, I'll cherish it forever
  2. MagicalWolfie

    Hello! Nice to meet you!

    Hello! Nice to meet you!
  3. MagicalWolfie


    @ItzTerry a d-dog fetish? I hope it's an innocent one, doggies are cute, I like them a lot:kaoluv: but I don't want it to be weird:kaoback:
  4. MagicalWolfie

    It's very pretty though! Me like a lot!

    It's very pretty though! Me like a lot!
  5. MagicalWolfie


    It's already my bedtime, but why not!:kaojoy: Why don't I just come here and say hi. Hi, people... I like RPG Maker, and I'm guessing since the name of this forum is RPG Maker, I'm in the right place. If not, then I'm going to run away now...:kaoeh: If it is the right place, then let me greet...

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I haven't been able to solidify a cohesive plot so dropped out of a game jam but, on a fun note, I pre-ordered MZ today! :LZSwink:
So I just spent the weekend...playing my own game. The one I released last year. Yep you heard that right.
Goal for MZ? None... I'm still curious how to finish my VXA project and how it looks like when it actually finished. Which will take at least another two years. Coming late again to the party.
Finding it amusing that people are posting support questions in new threads for an engine that isn't even released yet. Touch and Archeia are the only ones authorised to say anything, and there's only one active thread where they'll be answering questions.
I think my goal for MZ ... is to actually release a game and not have twenty technical demos and debugging projects. Let's see if I can manage that. ;o

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