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  1. dragonx777

    Action Point Battle System

    Hello! I've searched high and low for this. What I am looking for is an action/stamina point battle system similar to Chrono Cross or Xenogears (reference link below). What this system presents is each participant (hero or enemy) is allowed to select as many actions as they want, or save their...
  2. dragonx777

    Monster Hunter Sharpness

    Searched online and in the forums but couldn’t find anything. I was wondering if it’s possible to have a plugin to allow a “sharpness” stat to a weapon along with a sharpness gauge, like in the Monster Hunter series. This would grant additional damage at varying sharpness levels (green, blue...
  3. dragonx777

    RMMV GENE Crashes

    I’m hoping something fixes this now especially since I’m out $19.99 from my steam purchase lol. I’ve updated my intel and nvidia GeForce 1050 graphics cards, Windows 10 is up to date, reinstalled 1.6.1, verified cache and used updated steam version as well, tried various OpenGL dll files (put...
  4. dragonx777

    RMMV Breath of the Wild Weather System

    Yes, I know there are a lot of weather plugins. I am using Mog's Weather-EX and Ocrum Weather EX to get the effects I want, and I know you can event them, but I'm looking for an easier way. I have more weather conditions in my game aside from Rain, Snow and Storm and that's a lot of conditional...
  5. dragonx777

    Fancy Help Message (Item, Skill Windows, etc)

    I have all of Yanfly's Message Core and Extended Message plugins, in the right order, but can't figure out for the life of me how he did this in one of his tutorial videos. Any assistance? I’ve tried a variety of ways and different text codes but can’t get it. It seems that the plugins don’t...
  6. dragonx777

    State Damage on Map

    Two things I noticed. When my player is affected by poison, walking on the map does not reduce HP (I have to use a plugin for it) and also I have a state where the player loses 1 HP per 30 frames (looped map event set to parallel process) but neither is working. I want the player's HP to...
  7. dragonx777

    Reset Skill Plugin

    I couldn't find anything using web searches or anything already on this thread. I was wondering if there would be any way to make a Reset skill. Basically, what this would do is capture Enemy HP, MP and afflicted states, Player HP, MP, TP and afflicted states at the beginning of the battle and...
  8. dragonx777

    Yanfly JP - Lose JP based on variable

    So I'm trying to create a system where JP can be used to gain experience based on the number input (set to a variable). The issue is I am unable to get the plugin command loseJP to work with a variable. Is there any way this can be done?
  9. dragonx777

    Max HP/MP values above 9999

    So, I have a skill/state that doubles the player's Max HP. It shows fine when at 9999, but when it goes above 9999, it still tries to fit the numbers within the width of whatever default is in place. Aesthetically, it doesn't work right. Does anyone know how to fix this so that all status...
  10. dragonx777

    MogHunter's Battle Hud with VE Damage Pop-up

    Both plugins (Mog_Battle Hud and VE Damage Pop) work fine separately. Without the Battle Hud, the damage pop plugin works as it should. Since updating the BH to v4.0 (as per Mog's website and newest demo), the VE plugin no longer works. I've tried rearranging the plugins, turning off all...
  11. dragonx777

    Issue With Yanfly's Item Core

    I'm not really able to post a screenshot of this, but I'll try to explain as best I can. Whenever I select an item from the Item Menu and scroll down, the highlighted option, let's say it's Items moves with the cursor when I have an item selected. So it goes from Items to say Armor. Also, it's...
  12. dragonx777

    Battle Plugin - Enemy Name text color based on difficulty

    I wasn't able to find this anywhere else or via Google. If I missed it, please let me know with the link. I think it will be something that everyone could use in their game. Basically, the idea would be to change the text color of the enemy name in battle based on their difficulty, whether it...

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