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  1. GameInk

    Looking for Commercial Use Content

    I've been looking around for quite a while now at fan made content to upload into rpg maker and a lot of it is really good except that in a technically 'commercial' game I can't use any of it if it doesn't say for commercial use. So if anyone has a website or creator that they like that's...
  2. GameInk

    Boss Battle Transformation

    Just as it says, I want my bosses to be able to transform before a fight, no animation or anything but basically swap out their form for something a lot more ferocious. Would it be better to do this before the battle screen or on the battle screen. I also have to make sure that they can...
  3. GameInk

    Branching Story

    I've been looking around at how to make a branching story and it sort of makes sense but none of them have any sort of picture references. If anyone would be willing to send some that would be extremely helpful.
  4. GameInk

    How to let a player choose between adding an enemy to the party or killing them

    Alright so for what I want to do it looks like scripting will get very mixed up for so I need some help. What I want to do for my game is have the player fight a boss at the end of each area and if they have a certain item with them they can give it to the boss and they will join the party OR...

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