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  1. SV Battlers not appearing in battle

    Hi! I'm new to all of this stuff, and I encountered a problem My side-view battlers aren't appearing. I saw another post on this, but they just forgot to turn on the SV battle system I have turned on mine though I'm not quite sure what could be causing this. I thought it was one of...

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I spoke with hudell and many programmer about the Window_BattleLog class and we all just agreed to pretend this class just doesn't exists lol
I haven't been able to solidify a cohesive plot so dropped out of a game jam but, on a fun note, I pre-ordered MZ today! :LZSwink:
So I just spent the weekend...playing my own game. The one I released last year. Yep you heard that right.
Goal for MZ? None... I'm still curious how to finish my VXA project and how it looks like when it actually finished. Which will take at least another two years. Coming late again to the party.

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