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  1. change animation frame rate

    Hi! Will I be able to play an animation at 60fps if I'm not pushing my game to run at 60fps? My question is because I bought Quantum animations and Im not sure if I can import de 60fps versions of the animations and use them with this plugin. My game is not set to run at 60fps. Thanks!
  2. The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Hi! Is there still a way to get the "November 2018 - Part 1/2" animations? Unfortunately, the dropbox link on hadecynn's site shows a 404 error and says the file no longer exists. I'm talking about these 3: AA_2018_06_Brittle, AA_2018_07_Tune, AA_2018_08_RapidPrototyping...
  3. Rune Skills (Skill System)

    Hello! This is an awesome plugin, thank you! I'm using waterguy's version, is there a way to "forget" or "disable" the skill if the user doesn't have the necessary runes for it? I enabled the "learn skill" option, but I want to remove the skill from the player if the player sells or discards a...
  4. Help with Elemental Skill Change based on Equipment Condition - YEP

    Hello Guys, I´m new to RPG Maker, I downloaded the YEP plugins and I'm trying to tweak the following trick: So far I am able to replicate the "Elemental Strike" move in the video, were the skill changes its elemental properties...

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