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  1. aqua

    { aqua's RTP edits }

    { aqua's RPT edits } Hey, guys! Aqua here. It's been, like... two? Years since I've last shared anything here, but I'm back with some RTP edits. (Because one can't be always inspired to create from scratch!) Examples: TERMS OF USE + YOU MUST credit aqua for the edits + YOU MUST own RPG...
  2. aqua

    { aqua's modern tiles }

    Diving right into this! Basically, I'm looking to churn out a load of modern tiles for MV and am looking for suggestions on what to make. Below are a few tiles I've been fussing with. They're kiiinda rough. I was mostly just trying to get a feel for making bigger sprites. All tiles to be found...
  3. aqua

    { aqua's resource dump }

    Once upon a time I tried my hand at making tiles! Below are the fruits of my labor from way back in 2014 when I just started learning. You will find that most of these tiles are awkward and don't meet the standard 32x32 grids. As such, I don't think they're very usable in their current state...
  4. aqua

    yo! <3

    Hi! My name's aqua, I'm an artist and I'm obsessed with princesses, Disney, magical girls, and the color pink. ♥ Around two years ago I tried my hand at asset creation (the series was called 'opulence') - it was mostly a disaster, but a good learning experience! My admiration for the art...

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So I just spent the weekend...playing my own game. The one I released last year. Yep you heard that right.
Goal for MZ? None... I'm still curious how to finish my VXA project and how it looks like when it actually finished. Which will take at least another two years. Coming late again to the party.

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