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  1. Grimoire LD

    Yanfly Item Core/Item Upgrade Slot/Auto-Passive States question

    Hello Yanfly, I wanted to start off by saying that your plugins are Amazing adding so much more depth and promise than what is originally there. I did have a couple of questions though... 1: Is it possible to combine plugin functionalities? For instance can I create an Upgrade Slot Item which...
  2. Grimoire LD

    I'd like to run by this game system with everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm really getting to work on my first project and I'd like to see if this idea can be improved, or any ideas for it, of if I'm completely off of the mark. I wanted to try something a little different and make a very non-linear experience in a rather small world. The game begins...
  3. Grimoire LD

    Yanfly Item Core random name confusion

    Hello, after downloading the most updated Item Core plugin I took another look at it and finally got it working right for me. Though I couldn't figure out how to give items randomized names, the only thing the Plugin Help file says is Prefix, Suffix, Boost, etc. But none of the commands to put...
  4. Grimoire LD

    Quick question regarding Weapon Graphic limits

    After putting in the DLC sets, I've noticed that there appears to be only one space left for "User Defined Weapon 6", when I created a dummy Weapons4 page the default max didn't change as it did when the DLC was incorporated. Is there a way to change the amount of weapon graphics allowed or is...

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