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  1. Skyfrid

    Sky's Anime Faceshop

    Status: OPEN Well, I'm looking to improve my art and the best way is through practicing so I decided to open of this workshop. :) This workshop is only intended to create Faces as seen below. I will only be doing one face for a character unless you ask for another emotion.  Terms of Service...
  2. Skyfrid

    A Simple Life: Romantic Comedy[Full version up]

        After, a bet was made, you move to Koroko Village with one thing in mind: Make someone fall in love with you in 5 days! Genre: RPG/ Aspects of Visual Novel   Features:  -Choice of a Male/Female Lead Role  -6 Potential Love Interest: 3 for Male 3 for Female/ 2 Secret Potential Love Intere -A...
  3. Skyfrid

    Verge of Arcadias - Recruiting

    Hey, this is a new project that I am working on Verge of Arcadias. It is currently in it's early stages, and I'm looking for people to help with the project! :)    Features: A cast of over 50 characters that you can unlock and team up with Build up your relationship with candidates, and marry...
  4. Skyfrid

    Create Relationship System with Variables

    Hey my name is Skyfrid, that's Sky- as in blue and -Frid as in fridge. :D  Have you ever had a crush on a game character, only to have her repeat the same thing, every time you speak to her/him. That would be a major set off for anyone. Well look no further, because I'm here to teach you how to...
  5. Skyfrid

    Pokemon Melody

    Pokemon Melody:     Watch Trailer Introduction:   "The spirit of the universe is at once creative and destructive.. it creates while it destroys and destroys while it creates, and therefore it remains to us a riddle. And we must inevitably resign ourselves to this." ~Albert Schweitzer   Every...
  6. Skyfrid

    Pokemon Melody Recruitment

    Hey guys, I currently working on a new Pokemon game and I am looking for people to help!   What I'm Looking for: Pixel Artists: Pokemon Melody will reuse a lot of characters from past official games, because it is dealing with parallel futures. I need people to create tile sets, trainers...

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Got a nice little platform coming along backwards compatible with MV.
I'm so amazed at this ABS plugin for MV. This is a plugin that can literally fulfill my biggest game dreams, creating an Ultima VII-like game. Below is a video of a quick scenario I created to test out the plugin. The music in the video is my own composition.

The MZ Steam discussion board is filled with so much whining. Glad I never have to go there, or to any Steam discussion board. Anyway, here's something awesome:
I've been meaning to create a better trailer for my game but it takes time, so for now all I got is the same old trailer with updated footage:

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