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  1. Force button push

    Is there a way to make an event that force the game to press something, without the player press it?
  2. requirements to play a game from rpg maker mv?

    I want to send a game to someone via online, but first is there any requirement to play a game that develop with rpg maker mv? Like a third party app, You know like diretcX or vcredist that you get from steam, i know one of them is WebGL, but sre there any other things that I need to play a game...
  3. To make follower through on

    Hey i'm in a pickle here, i want to make my follower through so when enemy chase me, they dont get block by my follower, i already have 2 yanfly plugin the first one is event chase, the second one is encounteraid, in encounter aid already have follower trigger an event, but when combine it with...
  4. Common event at pause menu?

    Is there anyway that I can have an common event active in pause screen? Common event only effect at map and at battle, can I make it to effect on pause menu?
  5. Blurry Paralax

    Hello i make a paralax on my map, and it looked can of blurry then the original. I saw some post, it said that this is a bug in 1.0.1 but my rpg mv is 1.5.1 Is there any fix to this? EDIT Screenshot:
  6. Shrink dim box?

    Im using yanfly message core, i change the box width to 1000 for my game, but the dim box is also change, can I just change the window box and not the dim one?
  7. Script for exit the game?

    Is there a script to close the game program completly? To make it look like it crash Edit: Never mind i just found it, is "SceneManager.exit();"
  8. Change choice mid selection?

    Is their any way to change the word in show choices mid selection? I want to fool the player a bit
  9. Attack anyone, attack is self too?

    So when i have a state that restriction is attack anyone, my guy actually attack him self. I dont want him to do that, i want him to attack ally or enemies. I already make two different state, one that attack enemies, one that attack ally. And my guy still attack him self Is this what they meant...

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