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  1. William MC

    Methods of travel? Pokemon/Zelda Vs Final Fantasy

    Hey there guys, today I come to you all with an interesting question on opinions. You see I was just thinking about how there are different ways to get around in different games. I've divided these into 3 groups, Constant World, World Maps, & Transporters. Now let me explain the differences...
  2. William MC

    Class Change like FF1, Change Animated Battler after class change?

    Hey there. So I'm curious as to how I can pull off a class change like the one done in the first Final Fantasy game. Essentially the basic classes just get "upgraded" keeping all previous skills, and being added upon with new and improved stat growths. I will have this done I imagine by the...
  3. William MC

    Best way to use this graphic? (Tilesets?)

    Hey guys I'm trying to make a nice looking port town and as part of that I wanted to use these little tents made by PandaMaru. I've imported them as tileset D, which works, but it doesn't seem to be the most effective method, especially since it eats up a whole space in my tilesets. So my...
  4. William MC

    Unable to Download Purchased DS Pack

    Hello I'm currently unable to download the DS Resource Pack that I bought via Amazon. It gives me a product code that is to be used and downloaded with via Steam. But upon entering the code in Steam I get the following error: I didn't really see anything on Amazon that said I couldn't use it...
  5. William MC

    How to download from steam workshop?

    Hey guys I have RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'd like to download stuff from the steam workshop, but my version isn't the steam version. I added my copy to steam, and it lets me subscribe to the files which in theory should download them, but I see no indication that anything is being downloaded...
  6. William MC

    [ACE] Disable Move to Target for Archer Class (Jet's Battle Script)

    I'm using Jet's Animated Battler Script: It's quite nice and I've configured it to work perfectly. The only odd thing is that my archer battler moves foward to attack the enemy head on. It's a little odd. I'd like for the archer and...
  7. William MC

    Battler Portraits in Battle

    Hey I have seen countless videos of battles where the actor portraits show up on the battle screen. But I can't figure out for the life of me how to do it. It might be a script, but I'm not sure. I've tried the side battlers script that appears as if it should have that setting, but it doesn't...

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