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  1. Zsloth24

    Crafting system. Worth it?

    So originally I was going to put a crafting system into my game because it is an open ended game, It's one of those games where depending on where you start, once you finish the tutorial, do as you please but the final boss is right there if you wanna go for it. So with that said, you can fight...
  2. Zsloth24

    Yanfly ATB help. Fixed charge times.

    As mentioned, I am heavily using Yanfly's plugins but the one in question is the Yanfly ATB. I have been studying this for a while, trying to find various result for changing the speeds for when in battle. My issue lies within skills. I have noticed that if I change the skills speed to...
  3. Zsloth24

    Final fantasy dissidia special equipment

    Prenote- I am using alot of yanfly plugins cause....why not, there amazing. So final fantasy dissidia and dissidia duodecim on psp was a fun game with alot of equipment. There is some equipment that, if a set is worn, will give a certain effect to the character. Ex: the snowpetal effect gives...
  4. Zsloth24

    Battle items separate from other items

    Pre-note: I am heavily using Yanfly's plugins! As the title implies, there is a job class in my game that allows you to use battle items. You are able to craft them and then use them in battle if you are an alchemist. the problem: when battling, you have the item option. I can set the battle...
  5. Zsloth24

    Yanfly Skill mastery level Skill Success

    pre-mention: I am using pretty much just Yanfly's plugins. So in my game there is a skill like FF's Protect. However, at lower levels, the chances of it succeeding is low. As you continue to use it (using Yanfly's skill mastery levels) you will level up the skill. Currently in the database...
  6. Zsloth24

    Adding elements to Attack

    So currently I have a piece of armor known as a Gambit. there are certain kinds of Gambits that are suppose to increase the amount of elemental damage, example: essence of light is suppose to add and/or increase your Light element damage by a certain amount. the issue is setting it up, I...

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