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  1. BurningDaedalus

    The pros and cons of an overland map

    It's my first game so I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet, so no. Basically, I was wondering is an overland map was an necessity in a JRPG...
  2. BurningDaedalus

    The pros and cons of an overland map

    That's pretty much what I think, too. I thought about using some sort of fast travel option but, then again, this ALSO affects the immersion negatively... the pros of this method are obvious (less hassle, not redundant, etc.) but, then again, Morrowind didn't have fast travel like in Skyrim...
  3. BurningDaedalus

    The pros and cons of an overland map

    Hi all, Hopefully, I'm in the right sub-forum for this. I'm in the very early stages of an RPG project (using RPG Maker VX Ace) and I was wondering what your thoughts and preferences were in regards to using overland maps in role-playing games. I'm not sure sure I'm a big fan of them; while...

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