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  1. FatalErrorDriveB

    How do I indicate that I want something to run only when the player uses the plugin command?

    So I'm sure this is a simple thing, and I've looked through other plugins to see if I could figure it out, but I must be missing it because I can't see what tells the code to run only once called via a plugin command? To make sure I'm clear enough, basically, I'm writing a card mini-game, and...
  2. FatalErrorDriveB

    I found an old project I thought I'd lost!!!!

    Edit: Link to the old Demo:!Ai9MwbsawtEyklAKV_I_2t73hd9j?e=hu5dmN I believe I made this with MV 1.0 but I'm not fully sure. The card game is fully playable and you can buy packs from the shop. Both the card game and the shop are events only, no scripting, I'm working on a...
  3. FatalErrorDriveB

    Basic scripting question about getting a message to popup.

    So I'm trying to pop up a message warning the user if the plugin isn't set up properly. Here's my code for that part. I'm sure I've made some very basic mistake but I'm new to Javascript and MV scripting so please go easy on me. I initially tried "$gameMessage.add();" but that pulled an error...
  4. FatalErrorDriveB

    Can I add parameters based on a parameter?

    So I'm not sure if this can even be done. What I wish to do is add parameters to my plugins parameter list depending on a parameter the user entered. I know that's confusing so I'll try to give an example. param NUM_TO_HAVE [user give a number here] Param NUM_1 [Value] (These only show if the...
  5. FatalErrorDriveB

    Where would I find scripting documentation?

    I looked under the help menu, maybe I just missed it, but I didn't see any scripting documentation. Does MV have any documents for it's specific script calls? For example, in case I'm not clear enough; how would I find to use script calls like gameManager.anything.function()? I know that's not...
  6. FatalErrorDriveB

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I've actually been here before but I had a different username back then and it's been a few years so I thought I'd start fresh. I look forward to getting back into this community and working once more on RPG maker games! I'm working on learning JS scripting this time so any tips...

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