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  1. Thorgaaz

    Roundscape Augment Script

    Hi, i played Roundscape Adoveria lately (adult only Game) and really liked the Augment/Glyph System they had. So does someone know which script they used to do that? Is it public? For people who didnt play the Game it is a Script which allows you to put other Items into your Equipment, and than...
  2. Thorgaaz

    Random Numbers and Yanfly Script issue.

    Greetings I have an Problem with Yanflys convert damage script. It converts hp perfectely fine, but convert mp notetags simply doesnt work. At least with Armor, i need to try the others. There are no error messages or something like that, but if i cast a spell and wear an item with mp convert...
  3. Thorgaaz

    Backgrond change during Combat.

    Short question is there a way to switch the Background during Combat? I tryed using an common event but nothing happened. So I guess this only applies to future Battles on the map. But how to load a new Backgrond in the middle of a fight? Want to visualize an certain state with that Enemy...
  4. Thorgaaz

    Strange state appear.

    Have an little Problem with my Project. And that is, that State no.20 yust always appears at the start of each battle. I checked the Actor and Class window, fought naked and checked all my common Events too. The troop and the enemy doesnt inflict it ether, so where might this come from? The...
  5. Thorgaaz

    Different Hit and Miss rates, how does it works? VX ACE

    Soo, you have different hit rates, but i dont know exactely how they stack togeter. For example. You Class has Hit 90% Your Actor an 20%Bonus 10% Comes from a state and the Weapon attack has an 50% Hitchance. How high is your total hitchance now? My Suggestion would be 80% ((90 +20% thats 118...
  6. Thorgaaz

    Enemys protecting each other.

    Im trying to make enemys protecting each other. Sometimes with passive skills, sometimes using a command. So if im trying to hit the priest melee, the Warrior should jump in between taking the hit intead. But the Problem, i cant figure how. Target rate only works for allies. I might Change...
  7. Thorgaaz

    VX Battlers in VX Ace ?

    Short question is this allowed even in commercial games? Or do you need to buy VX as well to use theese? The reason i ask is because on many sites these Battlers are mixed up. There are a ton of edited VX Battlers, but people write they are free to use in VX Ace (For example if you find an...
  8. Thorgaaz

    Simple Element Weapons

    I have an very basic problem here. I want to have an Elemental weapon which simply deals dammage based on the resistance of the enemy against that element. The problem is, it doesnt work.  I yust gave the weapon the attack-element Ice. And the Enemy (ifrit) Elementefficiency ice 250%. Thats...

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