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  1. Ragen

    32 bits or 16 bits ... why?

    Which one is your favorite? And why? Let me know... Any arguments will be considered valid... Once this thread reaches 10 users (with posts) I will award a user here with 1 custom charset. If it reaches 50 users, I will award one whith 1 custom charset and 1 modded tileset. (limitations may...
  2. Ragen

    RMMV Another Zelda Fanmade

    I know, I know... many tried and failed trying to release a Zelda fan game... but hear me out. I'm a experienced web developer (over 5 years professionally), willing to create a open world Zelda game. Therefore allowing users to contribute with: dungeon and world creation, sprite collaboration...

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We'll be doing another giveaway of MZ on the stream tomorrow! Thank you SykoGaming for contributing a copy for the community! :D
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How to do implementation the social politcal mechanics in rpg maker? Thank you for quick spark of ideas. Fear of going to the thread lol.

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