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  1. PlayBoyMan

    Alternatives to Yanfly Plugins?

    The plugins to yanfly are behind a paywall and I just can't afford to get them atm (I'm broke and not happy about it). So can anyone suggest and plugins that can be used for commercial games? Any help will do. And yes, I am learning Javascript as we speak but it's a struggle.
  2. PlayBoyMan

    Recommendations for external editor for RMMV code??

    I know that RMMV has the option to export the contents of the code editor to a file, but is there an external editor that I can use to work on it? I'm gonna be pretty active for the holidays, and I can't lug my PC everywhere. I'll mainly be on my tablet, so an editor that I can open and modify...
  3. PlayBoyMan

    Using Three.js in RMMV

    I've tried looking for this on the forums and have had no such luck. Is there a tutorial on how to setup and use Three.js plugin? Do I just insert in the plugins folder and then add it to my list of plugins?
  4. PlayBoyMan

    Questions about RMMV Deployment system.

    If this question is in the wrong place, I do apologize and thank you to the mods for moving it to the correct thread. It's late here, but I'm awake and thinking clearly this time. I've seen the deployment option to push a game to the RMMV Workshop on Steam, and I have a few questions about it...
  5. PlayBoyMan

    Can I use Second Story Characters in RMMV?

    (If this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move this thread, and accept my apologies. It's almost 4am as I post this.) I have Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition. and I was wondering: Can the "Second Story" character assets be used in RMMV? Those characters can be used in just...
  6. PlayBoyMan

    Yanfly's core engine won't resize.

    I'm using Yanfly's Core Engine and I have noticed it doesn't reside the title and Game Over screens correctly. It resizes the title image right, but the Banner overlay remains the same size as seen below: The Trim remains the same size. This is what it used to look like before and I've made...
  7. PlayBoyMan

    Is SAKAN any good?

    I am thinking of getting SAKAN for editing Tilesets while it's on sale. I've seen the reviews on Steam, but those are dated. Have there been any changes to the program that make it worth the money, or should I stick with the Photoshop and Pyxel Edit?
  8. PlayBoyMan

    Bust Graphics Templates

    Can anyone tell me how I can find some that I can edit, or if there is a tool to make some?
  9. PlayBoyMan

    Creating and using custom balloon icons.

    I'm trying to figure out how to used balloon icons in my RPG. I've made a few, but I have no idea how to use them in RPG Maker MV. How do I do this? (Also, if this question has been answered, I apologize. I did look over what I've posted, and I didn't see this question anywhere else)
  10. PlayBoyMan

    Problems with Yanfly Auto-updater

    Is anyone having trouble with the Yanfly Auto-updater? I Keep getting this error: And thanks to @taarna23 for letting me know I posted my question in the wrong place. Had zero clue I was in my status updates. Ig this is in the wrong section, please move it, and accept my apologies - I have a...
  11. PlayBoyMan

    Testing a game in Ubuntu for Windows 10

    Now that RMMV supports Linux deployment, is it possible to test the Linux Package in Ubuntu for Windows 10? I don't want to use a VM, as they take up resources and ubuntu for windows 10 is lightweight. I'm not looking for instructions on how to setup Ubuntu for Windows - I have that already...
  12. PlayBoyMan

    moving a picture

    I've made a picture that I want to move in a single direction, for a weather effect. I want the picture to scroll right and repeat like a loop. I have it as a parallel process, but I'm not sure what to do after that. ◆Tint Screen:(-68,-68,-68,0), 60 frames (Wait) ◆Set Weather Effect:Storm, 9...
  13. PlayBoyMan

    Adding a cutscene BEFORE the Main menu

    I'm pretty good at making cutscenes as I have a few already in my game. What I'm looking for is how to run a cutscene before the main menu Appears. The Sequence I'm looking for is the following: Run game in windows -> Splash screen -> Cutscene goes here -> Main Menu appears (New/Load/Quit) I...
  14. PlayBoyMan

    Can't see all my plugins

    I have some Plugins I plan to use for my game, but I can't add them from the plugin menu. I see all of my Yanfly Plugins, but there are other plugins that I'm going to use but aren't listed in the drop-down menu. What can I do? I upgraded to the newest version my MV as well.
  15. PlayBoyMan

    Questions about Parallax Mapping...

    I have different sized maps in my game, so how do I make the maps the proper size? Is it length and width of the tiles that make up the map? there a way to animate the parallax Maps? I have an idea for a weather overlay, and I want it to move. If I can get them to scroll, that would...
  16. PlayBoyMan

    A Doom RPG...Thoughts?

    Before I get started, I just want it clear that I have ZERO INTENTION OF DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. I remember when I asked about making a fansub of the game "Blaster Master" for the NES, and everyone said I shouldn't do it because of "cease and desist" letters, legal action, etc. This is just...
  17. PlayBoyMan

    Creating weather overlays.

    If this is in the wrong place, my apologies. I'm looking to make a weather effect for my game. A fog element is what I'm looking for. Is there are way to make this effect, and what would it require?
  18. PlayBoyMan

    Help with making a custom Hud

    I need help making a custom menu for my game. How do I do this? I tried to search, but It's 3am here, and I am dead tired.
  19. PlayBoyMan

    Why all the hate with assets?

    I just put my Game up on Steam Greenlight, and while It's getting up votes, it's also getting a heavy share of harsh criticism. People telling me it's not something they are interested in buying, even if I had the option, and one person calling me 'lazy' for using Assets, and saying that I've...
  20. PlayBoyMan

    Input on AutoTileGen

    Firstly: I hope everyone had a Great Christmas, and I wish you all a happy new year. :) If this is Topic is in the wrong place, please move it to the correct forum. I'm eyeing a program called AutoTileGen. It allows you to make tiles for a slew of projects. It's on sale on the Steam...

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