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  1. Lord Kuro

    Capture Enemies

    I'm trying to figure out how to use this plug in, but I keep running into some errors. Here's how I have everything set up. Is there anything glaringly obvious that I'm doing wrong?
  2. Lord Kuro

    RMVXA Ghost's Story

    Ghost's Story Ghost's Story was originally made for IGMC 2017 and was my first attempt at using VX Ace. Unfortunately, there tons of beginner mistakes and scenes I couldn't add at the time for lack of time and skill. I'm hoping I can break out of a bit of a creative slump by reworking it into...
  3. Lord Kuro

    IGMC Final Thoughts

    I kind of have mixed feelings about how I did this time around. I let a bunch of RL stuff get in the way of making my entry this year, and I almost didn't submit it because of how poorly it turned out. On the other hand, it not only didn't get DQed, but it even made it up to 157th in the...
  4. Lord Kuro

    What is the game platform you are spent most of the time playing games? Why?

    I mostly play games on pc. I can't justify spending hundreds on something that's just for fun, but I can talk myself into it with a pc because it has so many other uses. I do have older consoles as well, but the time I spend using them is nothing compared to the pc.
  5. Lord Kuro

    Your favorite soundtracks to casually listen to.

    Two game soundtracks I often go back to are Baten Kaitos and Chrono Trigger. Apart from that, I usually like the SoulOfTheWind piano compilations, Adrian Von Ziegler, the local classical radio channel, and Cat Trumpet piano covers. Anything with pianos or fiddles has to work pretty hard to make...
  6. Lord Kuro

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    It's buggier than a two week old corpse and really didn't turn out like I hoped, but I submitted my entry anyway. It'd have felt like a bigger fail to work on it for nothing than to submit an incomplete demo. At least I think I got all the gamebreakers ironed out...
  7. Lord Kuro

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    It's looking like mine's not going to be done in time. Just too much rl stuff going on this time around. Do you need to submit a project to be able to rate other contest entries?
  8. Lord Kuro

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    Aww yiss. I thought there wasn't going to be one this year when nothing was announced in October. I'm glad to have been wrong!
  9. Lord Kuro

    Game Inspiration

    The inspiration for much of my stuff is r/WritingPrompts, urban legends, and combinations of the two.
  10. Lord Kuro

    What makes good dialog?

    What makes for good dialog in an RPG Maker game? It seems like one of those things where you know it when you see it, but there isn't much detail on the nuts and bolts of it. What are some examples of what would be considered good dialog?
  11. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Will you do anything different for the next IGMC?

    I learned a ton about how to do things in RPG Maker (there's nothing like a deadline to speed up learning), and I'll definitely be entering again next year. Apart from just engine stuff, one big lesson I learned was to test everything, test early, and test often. Just because you think you fixed...
  12. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Disqualified vs Failed screening vs Did not pass quality standards?

    That's exactly the type of feedback I've been looking for. It didn't occur to me that players might look for trash there because that's where the worker went to get more food (it's actually supposed to be a walk in freezer, but I ended up not having time to label non plot related items so it...
  13. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Disqualified vs Failed screening vs Did not pass quality standards?

    Thanks for the examples. I didn't realize so many walls were still having issues. They shall be fixed. What do you mean by events that aren't cleaned up? The DQ notice didn't say anything about passibility. The only reason it listed was the judge not being able to find an item.
  14. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Disqualified vs Failed screening vs Did not pass quality standards?

    I can only really talk about my experience. The wording used for mine was disqualified, and the reason was because the judge couldn't find an item. I'm not 100% sure if he just didn't look in the right spot, or if he looked there but hit the wrong tile. It was a part of the game where you needed...
  15. Lord Kuro

    RMVXA [IGMC 2017] Ghost's Story Update 1.2

    Thanks for the feedback! I should hopefully get all the repeating events and passibility bugs I can find squashed in this next update, but they're still there at the moment. Do you happen to remember any particularly bad ones?
  16. Lord Kuro

    RMVXA [IGMC 2017] Ghost's Story Update 1.2

    I'm hoping posting this isn't against the rules since my game was disqualified, but it at least was an entry until a few days ago. I'm going to start rolling out updates beginning in the next few days to restore the game's music, fix passability issues, and other problems reviewers found. Before...
  17. Lord Kuro

    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    I really liked how involved the participants were during the judging process. All the reviews, forum posts, Lets Plays and everything else was great for feedback and helped me find some hidden gems I would have missed otherwise. The only real con I have is I wished there had been more detail...
  18. Lord Kuro

    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    Mine didn't even pass the screening and got disqualified. I knew it didn't have any chance at winning, but I was pretty proud that I made what I thought was a good entry. I guess there's always next year.
  19. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Mighty Palm's IGMC 2017 reviews.

    Thanks so much for all that detail! I did have music in the game originally, but ended up having a huge problem the day of the deadline that required me to take it out. I was so bummed :kaosigh: Once the contest is over, I'm going to put it back in and try fixing all those other amateur hour...
  20. Lord Kuro

    RMMV Mighty Palm's IGMC 2017 reviews.

    If you happen to have one for Ghost's Story, I'd love to hear some more feedback.

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