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  1. CCryptozoologist

    Some RTP Edits

    I really like that window with the moon :D
  2. CCryptozoologist

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Animated Doodads

    Nice stuff! :D I shall be watching this thread
  3. CCryptozoologist

    Wayward's MV Resources (Battlers/Sprites/Tiles) (update 200817: Sprites: tall sprites)

    Thanks for making those well tiles! I have a map that's down in a well so this is perfect!
  4. CCryptozoologist

    Alilali's random MV stuff

    You've got some nice stuff here~ :D I shall keep watch on this thread.
  5. CCryptozoologist

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    You've got some nice stuff here! :D
  6. CCryptozoologist

    Starbird RTP Edits

    I really like those outdoor market tiles! And the crumbly tower :D
  7. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset

    That was the problem! All fixed now :D Thanks, Shaz~! Thanks, Andar
  8. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset it’s under exteriors. Half timbered houses. I thought at first it might be my edited version, but I tried the original and that does the same thing.
  9. CCryptozoologist

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Great thread! So many useful things! I've run into a problem with your half-timbered houses though(has anyone else tried them?), they disappear when you playtest. It's very strange. They appear when making a map, but within the actual game they are invisible.
  10. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset

    It’s exactly the same map. I don’t think it’s a plug-in since this is the only map that’s been affected. The tiles that are in the screenshot are from A and D. I tried moving the tileset to D, but it was still invisible. So the issue is something in the tileset... I don’t think it’s the name. I...
  11. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset

    I tried to, but my phone images are too big. I’ll try again from my computer later
  12. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset

    having a rather peculiar problem. One of my tile sets is invisible in game. None of the invisible tiles have any special settings in the editor other than a few with 4 direction changes. The tileset is C There’s only grass or dirt beneath most of the tiles and in most cases nothing above Any...
  13. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    Finally got the TP running correctly last night. Thanks so much for the help you two!
  14. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    Okay, so, I tried out the TP game end thing and it worked, mostly. It's still only doing a game over at the end of a turn. Which means I can still get an extra move in, even though my TP is at 0. I'm using Hime's plugin, but I'm not sure what page condition to use in order to make it run at the...
  15. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    Oh right... should’ve thought of that. Guess that’s it for now then. Thanks, Meike!
  16. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    Thanks for the ideas, guys! I haven’t tried them out yet so we’ll see how that goes... in the meantime though I’ve run into another problem. I wanted to prevent characters from gaining TP through damage and wanted to be able to fill the TP gauge at certain points during the game via events. I...
  17. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    So I'm looking to make a battle end after your TP runs out, but I'm not sure how to do that or if I need a plugin. I've looked around, but haven't found any other topics dealing with this either. Any ideas?
  18. CCryptozoologist

    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Guild Reception booths]

    I like the bun hair and the icons! Really nice. Thanks for sharing!
  19. CCryptozoologist

    Crescent Wing Studio presents MV Tiles (Hair generator parts more buildings)

    I like the 20 years later tileset. Thanks for sharing!
  20. CCryptozoologist

    Caitlin's MV World

    I like those box setups with all the objects :D

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