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  1. Random crashes on RPG Maker 1.6.1

    Hello! I encountered strange behavior with the game I make. It has random crashes during gameplay not tied to a specific action or time - it may happen after 20 minutes of playing or 6 hours. Battle/Map changes don’t affect this occurrence in any visible way, at least I didn’t detect a pattern...
  2. Problems with playing animation over a picture

    Hello, guys. I want to ask about changing animation in the battle scene. I guess global change will do too since I plan to use animations over pictures only in combat. I show a "status bar" picture in combat and place GUI elements like HP bar and buttons over it. Or more like RPG Maker does it...
  3. Problem saving data with trackable icons.

    Hello guys! Sorry if it's a newbish question but maybe someone will give me an idea because I'm stuck at the moment. I'm trying to track what's equipped on the main character and show corresponding icons in the info section of Yanfly's SaveCore . Tracking is done with severable variables, each...
  4. Arrows change bug with SumRndmDde's option plugin

    Hello, I tried out SumRndmDde's option plugin for adding stuff like difficulty setting and so on. It works great except the volume parameters - they can be only increased now, even if I use the left arrow. By default, RPG maker allows me to decrease the volume by hitting left arrow. After the...
  5. How to set default volume levels?

    Hello! I want to set default music and sound level so the title menu won't blast players with sound. Tried to find a default parameter in the editor itself but system tab in the database lets me choose tracks. While its possible to lower the volume of intro music, it doesn't fix the problem...
  6. Title menu's plugin clash for dominance ><

    Greetings! I want to add a shutdown menu option to the title menu and Game End choices menu. To be clear, the Game End menu I'm talking about is available in-game via Escape -> Game End and has 2 options by default: To Title and Cancel. I looked up some plugins like this but looks like all of...
  7. Problem with MP/TP bar during battles. Using Yanfly's plugins.

    Hi guys! Need a bit of the help with clearing MP bar for a specific character in RPGMaker MV. I tried out Yanfly's SkillCore plugin in the class section: swapped MP (original bar 2) for TP, then swapped real TP (original bar 3) for null. This accomplished half of the goal - now my special...

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