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  1. emkat93

    Pigtails for MV

    I was wondering if someone can make the pigtails that came with RPG Maker MV without the flower just plain pigtails for: Face, SV, TV, TVD, and Variation?
  2. emkat93

    MV Generator Parts

    Can someone please turn the noble lady and $character-volume2 characters into generator parts (TV, TVD, SV, Face, and variation) for rpg maker mv. The noble lady belongs to Palxan and Verdibona at...
  3. emkat93

    emkat93's tileset/non-tileset clothing (UPDATE 01/25: Female Poor Clothing)

    TERMS OF USE: Free for commercial and non-commercial use Credits: emkat93, iliketea, and enterbrain How many people have ever wanted tileset clothing for their characters? Well now you can get them! I will be over time making clothing for the generator from the tilesets. I will also...
  4. emkat93

    Child Generator

    It would be nice to make more unique children in RPG Maker MV. I'm sure there are others that would like to see a child generator as well. I've notice from reading other post its easy to switch parts of MV's generator around with other resources. So I'm not asking for a whole new generator...
  5. emkat93

    MV Generator Parts Clothing and Accessories

    I was wondering if someone could make the clothing and accessories from people3 and actor3 that are circled in red as generator parts for both the sprites and faces please.

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