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  1. Peter_Snayde

    RMMV Yanfly Quest System question

    Hello. I have question about Yanfly Quest System. There are plugin command "Quest x Change Description Entry To y", which suppose to change a description completely. Is there a way to just add text to description, instead of changing it completely?
  2. Peter_Snayde

    Choice box resize

    Hello. I searched a lot about plugins, or possibility to resize choice box size, but didn't found anyone.( Could someone help me with this, please? Regards Peter
  3. Peter_Snayde

    MV 1.6.1 performance

    Hello Everyone. I know it's a bit an old theme, but I still didn't find anything useful for 1.6.1 in this field. The cache manager plugins helps to reduce time to show images and play custom SE/BGM/BS. Games giving almost stable 30 fps when no images needed to be shown, but moving on map making...
  4. Peter_Snayde

    Variable HUD by Moghunter

    Hello. Could someone advice me this plugin? It seems, that I cannot hide "max_value"(looks like this function in plugin is not working). Also I need to set "max_value" to be as number in other variable. I'm not to good at JavaScript, but currently trying to find a solution to this request, but...
  5. Peter_Snayde

    SRD Super Tools opening extra window??

    Hello. Now I have this problem. Looks like it tried to open editor window, but I cannot switch to it also how to remove this damned problem with nw.js?

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