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  1. thefusense

    How to properly set up a conversation event

    Hiho guys, another day another question. Im sitll working on a scene where my character slowly walks to a grave and starts a monologue. The moving map and moving character part is finished. I upload a screen of my event how it looks till now. So how can I maike my character...
  2. thefusense

    Starting a player movement event after map movement event

    Yeah its me again, sorry I ask alot of questions last days :D So I tried to make an event work where my character moves near a grave and the map moves a few tiles upwards towards the grave. So far everything works as Iwant. After that I want my character to move automaticly to the...
  3. thefusense

    How to fix texture bugs?

    So for everyone of you to understand what I mean: You ever had the problem that you wanted to make a very thick forest andlay alot of tiles over another and at the outer corners of the tree tiles where its supposed to be transparent you experience weird graphical bugs where the ground tile...
  4. thefusense

    Random battle starts

    for some reason, after I made some heavy visual changes to my main map, every time I test start my game and start running a random battle occurs. That never happend before can someone help me with that?
  5. thefusense

    Permanent weather on a map?

    I would like to have a snowstorm always on a specific map. Its supposed to start always when the player gets on the map. How can I realize this?
  6. thefusense

    How to set weather on a map?

    I would like to have a snowstorm always on a specific map. Its supposed to start always when the player gets on the map. How can I realize this?
  7. thefusense

    Charakter is always running

    So normally your Charakter is supposed to run while Pressing shift I heard, but in my game The character always runs and there is no Button to stop that it seems. Ich want him to run but only while pressing a key. How doch I change this? Thank for all help 
  8. thefusense

    Running base sprites (Anime run)

    Hi guys, Im looking for a base sprite set like the one in the attachment files, without clothing just the raw body, but with the ''anime running'' poses you know from anime like naruto. With the arm behind the body you know what I mean :D If this doesnt exist I can draw it myself too, but...
  9. thefusense

    Activate running with a button push and sprite sprint animation?

    So yeah, I search for a way to activate the running with a button and not by activating it seperatly on every map. And I would like to have a different walking animation for it when my character runs.
  10. thefusense

    Drawing my own character sprites, but how big?

    So I want to completly draw my own sprites from 0 to hero  (I use MV) My only question is, how bigthe file has to be, or where do the different sprites have to be placed in the file for the program to make them work ingame?
  11. thefusense

    Little quick-event problem

    So I tried to do my first quick event tot est something. An easy map teleportation event, that brings my character into a tent. But for some reason I cant choose the tent map as teleportation point. It always ports me back to the tile I was before the triggering.
  12. thefusense

    Tips and tricks for me for my first adventure project

    Hi everyone =) Im happy and proud to be here with you guys and hope you can give me some helpful tips for my first project. Since years I have a story in my mind, that I want to show people and make them experience what I imagine. So I bought rpg maker mv (many people seem to say I should...

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