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  1. Hello Could you get me the demo of Monster Breeding System ?? I did not understand some things...

    Hello Could you get me the demo of Monster Breeding System ?? I did not understand some things and I would help. thank you
  2. In-Game Manual

    Hello I followed the guide step by step but I have always this error. Can you help me ? Thank you
  3. Plugin continuous map

    Hello to all I hope to be in the right section, if it is wrong I apologize. Sorry for my English also from google XD I'm looking for a plugin that replaces the teleport linking all maps together as if they were consecutive. Can you help me?? I tried searching but could not find anything. If...
  4. ArbitraryGuy's Generator Parts for Non-humans

    cool man Great job ... I wait forward the new actors  :D
  5. EST - Build And Decor EX

    Hello Plugin really helpful and great. But I have a problem, I want to know how to move the window down where messages appear. As seen in the screen I can not use it because there is where you place the hud ...   PLEASE HELP ME  :(   :(   ;_;   ;_;   ;_;
  6. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    Hello to all Sorry I am the most ignorant of all .... I just can not get it started ... there would be a kind soul that I would achieve a mini demo ?? please help  :(   :(     No one who can help me? I tried in every way but I do not even part
  7. help ... "if button is pressed"

    ok, I resolved. Thanks for your help   :D   BD
  8. help ... "if button is pressed"

    Hello to all Sorry for my English, but I am using the translator. I know I am going to ask a question that for many will be an easy task, but I would need your help. How do I use the "if button is pressed" ??? I have the Plugin Torch and I wish that when "Page down" is pressed the torch is...
  9. Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)

    Hello to all PLEASE ... I tried and tried ... but i can not understand the know are stupid but I can not understand so please a working demo .... thanks

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