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  1. Kudin

    Slim's this and thats

    You're the best!  Credited a thousand times over as soon as the project is done. Like you don't even know how hard you're about to get credited.
  2. Kudin

    I'm truly amazed at how quickly this community has already been creating content out the wazoo...

    I'm truly amazed at how quickly this community has already been creating content out the wazoo only 2 days after release! Humbled to be here.
  3. Kudin

    Optimum iOS / Android Resolution?

    Hey everybody, So since we can change resolutions with the Yanfly core engine and other plugins, the question becomes...what is the "optimum" resolution for iOS and Android? In the Yanfly Core video, common resolutions for different devices were shown. IE: An iPhone 6(s) plus at 1920x1080...
  4. Kudin

    1280x720 default battlebacks

    This is perfect, thank you!
  5. Kudin

    Slim's this and thats

    Those look great! Keep up the great work. :) Any chance we could get a simple picture frame template with/for an end table? Us savvy users could then go in and add whatever we would like to it (like, say for example, a realistic picture of a dog that upon examination shows the real image...
  6. Kudin

    Cronus' MV Generator Add-Ons

    Amazing! Thank you for doing these! Any chance we'll get to see elderly female/male faces (perhaps just facial marks?) in the future for NPCs?
  7. Kudin

    Lighting effects & Stepping Sounds for MV

    I've been wondering this myself as lighting and "mist" is a huge part of my game.  Also, an we just do the old method of making a map, taking a screenshot of it, and editing it in Photoshop, then displaying it as a new map background?
  8. Kudin

    Missing Generator Parts Restoration

    Awesome, thank you! I thought I saw some weird selections that didn't have icons when I was messing with it last night...
  9. Kudin

    Can you use .ogg AND .m4a on Mobile Exports?

    Soooooo now that it's been released, can anybody answer this question? :)
  10. Kudin

    Can you use .ogg AND .m4a on Mobile Exports?

    Aaah I see. I hadn't thought that question might be something that would require approval, but it's totally understandable.  Thank you for clarifying. :)
  11. Kudin

    Can you use .ogg AND .m4a on Mobile Exports?

    True...but in order to get a definitive answer for myself with the program I'd need to buy a Macbook earlier than expected in order to export to iOS, then have our Android tester test it out early for the Android export, then also test it out on the PC, exporting the 3 different types of files...
  12. Kudin

    Can you use .ogg AND .m4a on Mobile Exports?

    I've been out of the RPG Maker scene for a good 10+ years, so I'm unfamiliar with what that is. Plus, to my knowledge, RPG Maker VX Ace didn't let you export to mobile platforms, which is the source of my confusion, as I read that different platforms required different extensions.
  13. Kudin

    Can you use .ogg AND .m4a on Mobile Exports?

    Hey all, I have seen some conflicting answers about this topic and even saw the same question asked on the video series RPG Maker has been relasing on YouTube (which has been amazing, by the way!), but the answer there just confused me even more. I read that any mobile RPG Maker export...
  14. Kudin

    Store Resources for Commercial Projects?

    Absolutely. I guess that's a testament to how generous the individuals are here, because those are some very cheap prices compared to what I've seen for commercial licenses on places like GraphicRiver and other similar sites. Thanks again! Thank you for letting me know; and no worries, I don't...
  15. Kudin

    Store Resources for Commercial Projects?

    Absolutely! I've got a running tab in my project management notebook for all of the people that need to be in the credits. Thank you for the answer!
  16. Kudin

    Store Resources for Commercial Projects?

    Hey there, Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I could not find the answer anywhere. I searched high and low on the forums and couldn't find anything. The resources available for purchase from the RPG Maker store: Are we allowed to use...
  17. Kudin

    Exceeding the 48x48 character size?

    Thank you for the feedback and input, everyone! It seems like the best 2 options at this point are: 1) Disable followers and formation (which I didn't know was even possible by default). or 2) Make the dog fit within the 48x48 size.  Honestly, I think no matter what, I'll get rid of...
  18. Kudin

    Exceeding the 48x48 character size?

    Thanks for the response! That makes sense. Since this character will never be the main playable character aside from possibly being used once in a puzzle situation, I guess that would effectively eliminate the mapping issues since he will only be caterpillar following, correct? That is, unless...
  19. Kudin

    Exceeding the 48x48 character size?

    Hey there, So I've been away from the RPG Maker scene for a good 10 years now. I used to play around with it back in the RPG Maker XP or 2000 days (I forget which I used), so that's honestly the last time I've had any sort of exposure to it. My mind is rusty on the details...So forgive me if...

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