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  1. Dwarf spirits / generator parts

    Hey everyone. I have been looking around for about a day for some Dwarf characters and or generator parts that I can use to make some Dwarf characters for my game. I did find one set of generator parts that will work for most of the characters I make but these do not update the battle spirits...
  2. auto enable remember command

    Hey everyone. I am looking to find away to auto enable the remember command option, i was wondering if any one has a script for it or knows of one I can use? Iv been looking but not been able to find one. Thanks
  3. Day/Night events

    Hey guys, I am using this Event day/night system there is one part of the code i would like to change if possible but not sure how. In the video for the night time there is this code if: 24_hour < 8 end if: 24_hour > 17 end in the video he states that it can be done better but now how to...
  4. Suit generator parts?

    Hey guys, I am trying to find some parts for the generator (RPGMaker MV) that are suits but I cant seem to find anything im looking for. If any one has some or can make some that would be awsome, what I am looking for is something as close to as possible as the character from leisure suit...
  5. RPG Maker MV export issue

    Hey guys, So I did an export of my project so a friend could play it.. clicked the 'exclude unused files' button as i thought it might be good (not everything is setup for use yet) but it removed files that were being used.. for example i have an event that calls images and these images were...
  6. world map help needed

    Hey everyone, Ok so i have this working but its kind of annoying on my end to do it so i was wondering if there was a better way. I have a variable that gets set to 0, 1 or 2 depending on 'upgrades' you do, these are for roads around the map.. The way I have it setup at the moment is I have...
  7. Battle Map & Kingdom systems

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if any one knows of any plugins that add a kingdom system and a battle map? Idea being that your character can become ruler of a kingdom and can set taxes, upgrades and things to make citizens happy / healthy etc. The battle map would come into play with that, you...
  8. Item equipment issues

    Hey guys, So I am using Yanflys Equip Core plugin and I am having a few issues... When I go into the equip screen I click clear and everything except for the weapon slot and off-hand slot is cleared out... How do I make it so everything clears? When I click on Optimize everything equips...
  9. failed to load image

    Hey guys, So I am using RPG Maker MV and have added a battle test event but when I go activate it I get a loading error failed to load: img/system/exturn.png but I dont know whats calling it. Below is the error image, along with the debug screen. In the debug screen i cant see whats calling...
  10. Help needed with Yanflys Skilllearn system

    hey all, so first I wanted say sorry if this isnt in the right area.. I am using RPMaker MV and Yanflys jp plugin and the skilllearn plugin. In the video linked above the list of skills shows the cost of mp to cast the spell plus a small little icon next to it but in my playtest its showing...

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