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  1. 8bitsim

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Hello, I love this plugin - thank you Felski! Through some project (and demo) testing, it seems where a single actor has multiple trees (with different background images on each tree), only the background of the first tree (for that actor) displays and doesn't update when moving between trees...
  2. 8bitsim

    Integrated Equip Menu

    Hello! Another day, another (hopefully small) incompatibility... :) I've diagnosed that this (awesome!) plugin isn't functioning correctly with Yanfly's Equip Core. As pictured, armor items work flawlessly, but weapons do not (for me): Integrated equip does appears for armor (see picture 1)...
  3. 8bitsim

    Simple Item Tracking

    Wow! Thank you so so much! :) I am working well with editing pre-existing .js code, but making "new" edits like this is still a little beyond me. I really appreciate it, thanks again! :)
  4. 8bitsim

    Simple Item Tracking

    Hello, I was hoping someone could assist with this plugin. Specifically I would like to utilise multiple words in this command: Example in help: AddTracking Variable 5 17 "Bosses" Right now the following happens: AddTracking Variable 9 17 "Map name" (Displays the following in the...
  5. 8bitsim

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Hello, Your Encyclopedia menu command is not appearing because you have the "CGMV_Menu_CommandWindow.js" command to enable/show on a switch that is not present. Remove/set to "0" as per pictures and "Encyclopedia" will appear in your menu. Thanks.
  6. 8bitsim

    Z-Index/Layer/Overlay Level of "on-Map" Plugins? (Iavra Minimap/Olivia Proximity Compass)

    Thank you, I certainly understand your suggestion but unfortunately for me - trying to work that out is beyond my capabilities. Hopefully someone could point me in the right direction of what specific code to look for in that relation, as I'm comfortable editing and testing back and forth - but...
  7. 8bitsim

    Yanfly / SRD menu plugin(s) text padding problems

    Apologies for the off-topic Mr. Panda - especially as I'm unable to assist you... But, can you please tell me how you got your font so pixel perfect? Thank you! :)
  8. 8bitsim

    Z-Index/Layer/Overlay Level of "on-Map" Plugins? (Iavra Minimap/Olivia Proximity Compass)

    Hello, I was really hoping someone more experienced than I could assist with a problem I have? I am using: Proximity Compass plugin for RPG Maker MV (Paid); and Iavra Minimap The attached images show: The proximity compass Iavra's minimap activated at the same position. As you can see in...
  9. 8bitsim

    CityShrimp's Fog of War/Lighting System

    Hi Qwilfish, I was wondering if you can confirm your issue with this plugin was the resolution? I've found that if the tiles of the map are larger than the resolution, I get the screen tearing lines also. I was hoping there was a fix for it? Many thanks! :) I have since diagnosed the...
  10. 8bitsim

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    Looking good without the Arisu plugin, so great work all around! Will test more if you have the chance to update. Thank you! :)
  11. 8bitsim

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    Thank you for the update! I've given it top position in plugins and have this feedback: Item menu crashes with Arisu Visual Inventory (paid plugin, crucial for me) - see image 3 When the above plugin is switched off, I still get no back option in the item category menu - see image 1. I can...
  12. 8bitsim

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    Thank you for the response! :) I've moved the plugin above those affected and it simply crashes then menu from the start (when trying to access)... Hope you get a chance to have a look. Thanks again. :)
  13. 8bitsim

    13 Alt Menu Screens

    Hi cekobico, Wow, this is fantastic! Any chance you can remember or advise how you put the location, time and gold in one row? I'm working with sumrndm's Gold Window Customizer, but whilst it alludes to do what I require - it will not push multiple columns in one row... :( Many thanks! :)
  14. 8bitsim

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    Hi Ballgame, thank you for the plugin - works very smoothly! I have one problem though with YEP_ItemCore and YEP_EquipCore. When using your plugin, and the commands exceed 4 options, they form 2 columns (as pictured - 1.png). Can you please make an option for commands to either tile into...
  15. 8bitsim

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    If anyone wanted to "achieve" this, I found that Victor Engine's "Control Text" plugin works perfectly and will push the control codes. Woo! :)
  16. 8bitsim

    CGMV Toast Manager

    If anyone wanted to "achieve" this, I found that Victor Engine's "Control Text" plugin works perfectly and will push the control codes. Woo! :)
  17. 8bitsim

    SRD Gold Window Customizer (Horizontal?)

    I was hoping someone could help with a horizontal gold window in the menu? SRD Gold Window Customizer seems to be ideal, but for some reason I cannot create the required effect. Attached are: The window with 1 row and any number of columns (my settings result - see #3). The window with 1...
  18. 8bitsim

    CGMV Toast Manager

    More specific to this plugin, I would also like to designate the placement of the window (top-right or top-left corner, etc.) but I can't seem to find an option... I wonder if I'm missing the option (hopefully!). Such a great plugin though. :)
  19. 8bitsim

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Thanks again @ShadowDragon, I have tried to play around with the placement and message codes to no avail. I guess I will stick with the default - it's such an awesome plugin anyway! :)
  20. 8bitsim

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Hello, Further to a question I posted in the CGMV Toast plugin forum, I'm hoping there is a workaround for ensuring YEP_MessageCore colours and icons appear in the Encyclopedia description? Currently, they appear as string characters and not the corresponding colours or icons (in list or...

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