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  1. Script for multiple inventories for RPG maker vx ace

    I am having trouble finding a script that allows to swap inventories between characters. I can only find 1 script but it is for MV and not VX ace.
  2. New animations request for rpg maker vx ace

    Ive been looking around, and I havent been able to find any custom animations to use in rpg maker vx ace. When i mean battle animations, I mean the kind of stuff u would find in the animations tab, like Water One and Water All sort of thing. Is there anywhere to get more or do I just use whats...
  3. Making a decoy character that cant be healed

    I am trying to make a temporary party member that acts like the teddy bear in earthbound, where it takes blows until dying. I want to make it so this decoy can not be healed with items. How do I go about this?

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