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  1. The Old Ferret

    Changing max LVL during the game

     Hello ! Is it possible to bound the possible max LVL of actors to switches or some other way? Like a want to block actors to grow over a specific level before they reach a point in the main story , what would give them lets say additional 5 levels , then they reach next point in the main...
  2. The Old Ferret

    RPG Maker MV Style Icons

    Thank You for the heads-up :) Yes i plan to make armors and clothing and other stuff as well, just want first to make some weapon base.
  3. The Old Ferret

    RPG Maker MV Style Icons

     Added , thank you
  4. The Old Ferret

    RPG Maker MV Style Icons

    Hello! This is my first try to share something. I realy like the MV stock icons , they reminded me of Secret World or Dragon Age style inventory icons. Some of this i made from scratch , some are modified MV icons. All i need is a little feedback and suggestions maybe :) I will constantly...
  5. The Old Ferret

    Kaimonkey's Character Creation with Races (Version THREE Released)!

    Wow! I just saw You are back and updating this script. Its like early Christmas.I was using the 1.1 version. Is it somehow possible to add and show correctly taller character graphics in the creator? If i put in 2 tiles tall character like the High Fantasy DLC types, it only shows his legs in...
  6. The Old Ferret

    Atlas Graphics

    Hello ! I have a request : Type: sprite  Description: sugar glider, small,so i can place him on roofs, trees etc :)  , sitting or lying pose Reference: Do not include: - For you or for all: for all Thank You ! :)
  7. The Old Ferret

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    Hello! Are You still working on this? Its awesome.
  8. The Old Ferret

    Event over Paralax/Overlay

     Setting events to above player dont work :( Maybe the script dont make difference between the player and events? I am using this one: -ground layer for below player - shadow layer  for above player
  9. The Old Ferret

    Steampunk tileset for VX Ace

    Okey thank You ! Managed to make some tileset from them , but i give an another try to paralax method :)
  10. The Old Ferret

    Event over Paralax/Overlay

     Hello!  If i posted this to the wrong section, i am very sorry. So my problem is: i create a map with paralax mapping + script for fixing it .Sorry i am new to this method so maybe i use the wrong words. There is the bottom paralax - ground, flowers etc. and the upper : trees, buildings , so...
  11. The Old Ferret

    Steampunk tileset for VX Ace

    Hello! Are here somewhere steampunk tilesets for VX Ace? I know about Celianna/Lanarea-s steampunk tiles for paralax mapping , but i am not very good on that one :/ So this is why i ask about some simeliar ,but in tileset format.   Thank You !
  12. The Old Ferret

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    The statues are very nice , thank You :) And i apologize for missing that fancy cat before
  13. The Old Ferret

    Setheim's Identity Design Workshop

    Hello , i am interested in Your work :) Your logos are awesome ! And sorry for my bad english  So my request : - " company " ( its nothing professional or existing company )  : Old Ferret Games - i love ferrets ,thats why is this the name of the " company "    + its funny :) - i created...
  14. The Old Ferret

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Hello Avery ! Your icons are awesome :) Can You make for me 3  please? 1. little cat statue ( agility ) 2. little bird statue  ( wisdom ) 3. little bull or bear statue ( strengt ) The player need to collect and bring these to their pedastals. Thank You ! :) ( VXAce style )
  15. The Old Ferret

    Levitating Sword

    Thank You ! Exactly what i needed :)
  16. The Old Ferret

    Elf's Titles and Logos

     Hello !I am interested in Your work. I have a question : is it possible for the logo to cointains picture? And I need to send you the exact picture, or if it need to bee only some scetch or cartoonish , like eye of an animal or so, You make that? ( Sorry for my poor english :)  )
  17. The Old Ferret

    Levitating Sword

     Hello !  I am looking for a levitating sword tile sheet. I need it to use  on the Field map / world map  as a quick travel cursor. Once in the past i saw one, but i cant find it now :(  Thank You :)
  18. The Old Ferret

    High Fatnasy Packs

     Thank You for the info ! I decided to buy them .. well .. Steam summer sale is Steam summer sale :D  
  19. The Old Ferret

    High Fatnasy Packs

     Hello !   ( Sorry for my poor english ! ) I am thinking about buying the High Fantasy R. Pack 1,2 and The Deep resoucre pack. My question 1. is : without the Monster Legacy and the Main Party Packs will i have enough actor,monster etc. sprites for making a not repetitive sprite game? And...

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