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  1. Kinchen


  2. Kinchen

    Wretch & Claw Ace Detectives

    I would love to do eventing and mapping. I have MV and Ace so no problem.
  3. Kinchen

    A Kingdom by the Sea Recruitment

    I would like to be a game cover artist 
  4. Kinchen

    Messed Up Generator

    Hm, try installing on a different directory and copy the generator files to KADOKAWA\RPGMakerMV then just uninstall the other one?
  5. Kinchen

    Artist looking to work for you! And expand her portfolio!

    Please contact me at azure.habbz, if your interested.
  6. Kinchen

    The game keep close on android phone

    Hm, can you tell me your phone specs?
  7. Kinchen


  8. Kinchen

    Auto Battle Plugin

    Thank you so much! I might use these for my future projects!
  9. Kinchen

    "I will love you till sickness and death,"

    "I will love you till sickness and death,"
  10. Kinchen

    RMMV Trial

    It's normal to have an application with the size of 400MB, take note that other game making engines require 1 GB hard disk space or more.
  11. Kinchen


  12. Kinchen

    RMMV Trial

    The reason for RMMV having a large file is because of the RTP being built in, I'm pretty sure it's worth the space. 
  13. Kinchen

    No auto arrange for sideview?

    Oh, must be from the Pre - Order bonus. 
  14. Kinchen


    @Dreadshadow Congratulations, you just won the internet!
  15. Kinchen

    Apply for Swanford now!

    Apply for Swanford now!
  16. Kinchen

    Would you be interested in joining a team in order to create an RPG?

    I think I could join you. Just message me your skype if interested.
  17. Kinchen

    No auto arrange for sideview?

    Sadly, no. I guess we just have to wait. 
  18. Kinchen

    Shark Fin's Various Questions!

    @CaptainSharkFin 1. You would need a plugin to do that.  2. Just use the same BGM all the time.
  19. Kinchen

    Why is my deployed game folder so much bigger than my game project folder?

    @Zalerinian I believe I found an application called MV Stripper. 

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