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  1. Lerbert

    FREE Composer For Game

    I am a composer who has been composing for games for over a year. I really enjoy doing it and I always enjoy furthering my skills so I am offering individual songs for free. Here are examples of my newest tracks: (I specialize in kinda jazzy stuff but i'm flexible) And Here is my sound...
  2. Lerbert

    Custom Battle Themes!

    Taking request for Battle themes for characters or just wild encounters. Will be exported as a .wav file, Tell me if you would like a specific style of music. Please respond with your request, the name of the song (if there is no preference for the name Ill just name it something generic)...
  3. Lerbert

    Music Composer For Game, Free.

    Hello, I am a composer who happens to specialize in making many RPG style kinds of music. I am taking requests to compose original themes for anyone's game. It can be Main Themes, Character themes, Character battle themes, and Situation themes. They will be exported as a wav. file. Here is a...

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