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  1. RubbyDukky

    Order of Work - How to go about game-making?

    Hey all, while I was revisiting and discussing the work, plan, and general idea of our game with my team, I came across the question of how to go about ordering the work that we were to do. How should we create our game? Should we simply start from the beginning and work our way up, dealing...
  2. RubbyDukky

    (SOLVED) Galv's Character Animations & Frames sprite problems

    Hello, I'm having a rather infuriating time trying to get Galv's Character Animations working in RMMV. I've recently started drawing a 2 tile high, 6 frame character template sheet with the intention of using it with his character animations and frames that allow for 6 frame idle, walk, and run...
  3. RubbyDukky

    Steam-bought RM without Steam Integration?

    So, I bought RPG Maker MV on Steam, and I want to use it without Steam so that I can work on my project with friends on school computers. I understand that I will most likely need to send a support ticket and ask for a product key with proof that I have already bought the program on Steam, but I...
  4. RubbyDukky

    5 Wishes (willing to pay a little)

    (note: I AM willing to pay a small amount depending on the quality of your work, but it won't be much cus I'm not rich.) Hello you very nice and willing-to-help-a-pour-soul people, I'm new here, unless you mention my 2.5 years of inactivity, and I have a pretty big dream at the moment...
  5. RubbyDukky

    Strategy and Defense "Battle" System

    So, what do you guys think about a system where you enter the battle, and you get transported to a map that's limited in size with enemies coming from different places on the map, and you can choose where you are on the map before the enemies actually start invading. From there, you can set up...
  6. RubbyDukky

    Waking Up After 2.5 Years...

    Hey guys... *y-yawwwn* So, I made this account 2 and a half years ago and did absolutely nothing with it. I got into RPG Maker VX Ace after seeing it on the Steam Market, and started messing around with it. I created a pretty elaborate game (for my age back then) that had about an hour of...

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