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  1. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Posted a new icon. Not super exciting, but it's an update?
  2. Koru-chan

    [YEP] Status Menu Core help

    So I'm using the Status Menu Core in my game. An issue I'm having is there is only one main character in my game. The rest are used a lot, but don't have the same tracking for certain things like relationships and so forth where I'd want a...
  3. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    @hiddenone I had a feeling that was the case, but wanted to make sure.
  4. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    I was working on some recolors of one of my dlcs for personal use and I'd like to post them, but since they are from paid dlc, I don't know how one would handle that. Not sure how you'd make sure only people with the dlc can get the recolors.... So do I just not share them?
  5. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    I originally made a mistake and put the png of my rtp icon backgrounds in the zip folder instead of the psd like I said. That has been fixed and the zip you can download should now have the psd file correctly. Sorry for the mix-up.
  6. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Added an Animated Grandfather Clock rtp edit and a ton of banner recolors for the rectangular rtp banner. o7
  7. Koru-chan

    (MV) taller sv battler for my character

    Who made the taller SV sprite you showed off there of Harold? If they have a template for their SV sprites, it might make it easier for you or someone else to try to make a sprite that fits for you.
  8. Koru-chan

    MV sv tall template

    These are awesome-looking! What are the terms of use, though? Are we okay to make and distribute characters made from this template (with credit, of course)? Or would you rather people not?
  9. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    I pulled my old RPG Maker blog from the depths of hades, brushed off some cobwebs, and started working on it again. Lost a lot of the old stuff, so it's very bare bones right now. There's going to be a lot of empty categories for a bit, too. Rather than making spoilers within spoilers within...
  10. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Rest of the recolors to match Yanfly's recolors has been posted.
  11. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Added some icon recolors to the first post. Enjoy!
  12. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Used to be just an icon thread, but expanded to more resources. This thread is mostly for showing samples. There will be links to more variations of these on my rpgm blog. Farming Brush Icon [/SPOILER] Custom Frame Flat Colors One-Tone Gradient Two-Tone Gradient Metallic [/SPOILER]...
  13. Koru-chan

    Beast Masters

    The dropbox link on the first post is broken. Anyone have a mirror up?
  14. Koru-chan

    YEP Skill Core + YEP Battle Status Window

    Still looking for help on this if anyone is able. Thank you!
  15. Koru-chan

    YEP Skill Core + YEP Battle Status Window

    Having an issue getting the UI in battle to show up as I like with these two plugins. So basically, when you use BSW, it draws the gauges in a way where you have a 100% width HP bar and the MP and TP bar under it at 50% width each for the UI element. I'm using some classes where a few only use...
  16. Koru-chan

    Item Window/System

    What I'm looking for specifically, I have been unable to do with eventing. I'm still looking for this if anyone is able.
  17. Koru-chan

    WoW Styled Item UI

    I think this would be less of an Item UI and more of a tooltip system.  Would be pretty cool to have WoW-like tooltips for menu hover.  Hope someone can help you out!
  18. Koru-chan

    Item Window/System

    Bumping again!  Still looking for this
  19. Koru-chan

    Default Attack

    Oh wow, I really need to learn to read better.  For some reason, I only thought that addon of Yanfly's let you set up a skill to possibly proc off the attack command.  I didn't realize you could also just do a replacement.  Thanks a ton guys!
  20. Koru-chan

    Save & Load Screen Variables

    Are you sure it's this plugin?  Plugins don't change core files, they duplicate them and make the game engine read them instead.  If you remove a plugin, it should no longer have an impact on the project in question.  Make a clean project and try using ONLY THE SAVE PLUGIN on that project.  If...

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