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  1. BitBrosGames

    RM2k/3 Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available!

    Hey, everybody! :) Ever since we released the final version and during this strange summer (winter if you live in the southern hemisphere, as part of our team actually does), we've been working on the game by doing some debugging here and there and whatnot, which has largely been possible thanks...
  2. BitBrosGames

    Debugging... ♪

    Debugging... ♪
  3. BitBrosGames


    Welcome to the forums! Let us see your game when you've got something playable! ^_^
  4. BitBrosGames

    Hi there, going to make videos about rpg maker :)

    Welcome to the forums, hope you like it here~! :kaojoy: See you around and good luck on your channel!
  5. BitBrosGames

    Fixing black screen on opening RPG Maker 2K3

    Looks like you've got a problem with the RTP, if I were you, I'd try and install it again. Just copy the files in the Chipset folder from the RTP to the one in your project. Hope it helps. :)
  6. BitBrosGames

    Aurabolt's Stream! (Love User-Created Games! Want more suggestions!)

    If you accept requests, please try out my game, Monigote Fantasy, an 8-bit style game with fully custom graphics, humor and adventure. :kaothx:
  7. BitBrosGames

    How many Non-English RPG maker forums out there?

    One of the most active and important forums in Spanish is
  8. BitBrosGames

    Things that make you happy

    FOOD. :kaopride: (Sorry for one-word posting. :guffaw:)
  9. BitBrosGames

    Hello from Japan

    Welcome to the forums! ^^ Keep working on your game and show us soon! :)
  10. BitBrosGames

    Custom Animated Title Screen

    It is, but you've got to make it via events. You have to uncheck "Use" in Database/System/Title Graphic.
  11. BitBrosGames

    RM2k/3 Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available!

    @A_Normal_Guy: Wow! Thanks for your review and for playing the whole game through! As you said, that was the intention. We wanted the game to look basic and generic at the beginning, like a tribute to all those retro RPGs we love so much. Not only through the retro look, but also the effects and...
  12. BitBrosGames

    Gambitben Dives in your game!

    Woow! Thanks so very much for streaming Monigote Fantasy, let alone for 2 hours! It's so comforting to see people enjoying our game. Just out of curiosity, how long did you play the old demo? By the way, I didn't know why the mushroom thingy didn't work, I'll take care of it asap! I'll stay...
  13. BitBrosGames

    What game are you currently Playing?

    I started Wandersong on the Switch the other day. I watched the trailer and found the style and gameplay pretty amusing, and there's a 50% discount on the eShop this week (or was it 40%?). I really like it so far, the only downside is that yesterday the game crashed and had no choice but to...
  14. BitBrosGames

    Padr81's Test Plays.

    Sorry to hear that. It sucks when something like that happens. Actually I don't really see the point in doing something like that to someone. :kaolivid: Silver lining, now you've got a chance to do it even better! Keep it up and good luck with your new channel! :kaojoy: Oh, if you take requests...
  15. BitBrosGames

    2K3 Multiplayer?

    As far as I know, 2k3 can only check one input (one controller, one keyboard...), the one thing I can think of off the top of my head is assigning some keys on the keyboard for player 2, then making a parallel process with a key input process instruction, check if player 2's UP is pressed and...
  16. BitBrosGames

    RM2k/3 Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words! ^^ That was exacly what we intended, making a tribute to all those magical JRPGs from the NES and SNES era, like Earthbound, Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Actually, we included little nods to some of these games that many fans will surely enjoy. Good luck with...
  17. BitBrosGames

    FleshToDust First Look Videos

    Thanks for your remarks on the art, the animations and the retro look of the game, that's exactly what we intended with this project, and, of course, for taking the time of making a video on your channel! We're really happy that you enjoyed the humor of the game. :) Later on the no-story gets...

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