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    Names for slimes

    Hi! You might be thinking this is not the place for a topic like this...and maybe you're right. :P I made a slime fighting gambling mini-game and I need names for the slimes to make them sound cuter. I've come up with Slimo, Oozy, Blip-blop, Slemon, Goony and some others, but I can't think...
  2. BitBrosGames

    Where to advertise your RPG Maker game

    Once you're done with your game, or even at an early stage of development, you may be thinking about how to get people to know about it. There's a lot of action here, no doubt, but it's a whole wide world out there. So, apart from this forums, where else can you advertise your RPG Maker game? I...
  3. BitBrosGames

    Do you listen to music while you work on your games?

    Do you need to work in absolute silence to focus or do you like listening to music while you're working on your projects? If the latter, what kind of music do you prefer? Music from other RPGs maybe? In my case, I'm a total fan of soundtracks so I like listening to music from videogames, movies...
  4. BitBrosGames

    FREE Monigote Fantasy [Proofreaders needed!]

    Monigote Fantasy (moh-nee-goh-tay fantasy) is a comedy and adventure RPG about the journey of a paper doll-like white little fellow of few words who just happened to become the Legendary Hero, along with his loyal companions. It's made using RPG Maker 2k3, we're translating it into English and...
  5. BitBrosGames

    RM2k/3 Monigote Fantasy [English] Full version available!

    (moh-nee-goh-tay Fantasy) AUTHOR: Bit Bros! Games GENRE: Old School RPG ENGINE: RPG Maker 2003 STATUS: Complete First beta in English coming soon! The beta will cover around the first 8 hours of the game and it'll be out in some weeks. Update #1: Beta version download link...
  6. BitBrosGames

    Nice to meet you!

    Hi everyone! This is BitBros! Games, we finished our first game a couple of years ago and we'd like to publish it for the first time in English. See you around!

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