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  1. Indrah

    Indrah plays IGMC2018 entries (Count:26)

    GAMES PLAYED COUNTER: 26 >The full YouTube playlist is over HERE< It’s that time of the year again! Time to tackle some Indie Game Maker Contest 2018 games! This year I did not participate myself so I can’t plug my own game here this time:kaophew: As the theme of the contest was "Prototypes"...
  2. Indrah

    RMMV Indrah's IGMC2017 Let's Plays and notes. 50 games and counting

    Halo! In the first IGMC I set out to play a whole bunch of games (they climbed up to 80 or so). And after an extra intense month of my own dev, I decided to decompress by plowing through a whole new bunch of entries. >NO RULES! I do what I want :kaosalute:I'm not a judge, I don't need to be...
  3. Indrah

    RMMV Abyssal Shine: Nevermelt [IGMC2017]

    The secret Order of the Abyssal Shine had protected a dangerous and powerful relic successfully for 300 years. Then, suddenly, it vanished without a trace, and the Order's members were sent far and wide to search for it. After two of the members get caught in a heavy storm at sea, they come...
  4. Indrah

    [Solved] Order skills learned from equipment

    Greetings. I humbly request: TL;DR a way to FORCE the skill menu, ESPECIALLY skills learned via equipment traits, to sort skills either by strict datavase ID order or by a manually applied notetag. Right, so I’ve been struggling with this stupid aspect of RPG Maker MV for a while. My project...
  5. Indrah

    Plugin Request: Fog of War

    Hello all. I'm trying to see if anyone can help me realize a small project, and one of the aspects I very much want to implement is gradual discovery of the map tile by tile with a fog of war style thing.   (For quick reference, imagine Etrian Odyssey but playing directly on the minimap. Each...
  6. Indrah

    Plugin Request: Summoned Creatures and Linked Skills

    Plugin Request: Summoned Creatures and Linked Skills Hello everyone. I need some help to create the gameplay I have in mind for my game regarding a summoning system. Hope someone can give me a hand, since I have absolutely no idea of how Plugins work. (Seriously, speak to me like I’m a total...
  7. Indrah

    MV Plugin Request: Item Menu: Custom Categories

    Hey there. I'm looking to get a plugin (or any kind of fix) that will do, at least, a simple reordering of the item menu. The default item menu sorts things by Items/Weapons/Armors/Key Items. I always found this to be very unwieldy, since I never have that many weapons that they should take a...
  8. Indrah

    Indrah's MV tiles

    Indrah's Tile Closet: MV Edition! Credit: Indrah (plus anyone mentioned with the tiles) Non-Commercial: Free to use. Commercial: Free to use. Repost: Not allowed. Please just link back here. Edits: Allowed. Repost of Edits: Fine, but link back here. Day 1 RTP expansion...
  9. Indrah

    Bug with CP Large Sprite Fix

    Issue found with CP Large Sprite Fix *The default plugin makes it so you can tag certain tiles with a star passability to not be over the player if he's standing under them.* Bug found: By default it works fine, but when you place the tile over another with the "Bush" tag (default tileset...
  10. Indrah

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    IGMC 2015 Recommended Playlist   I wanted to compile a list of games from the 2015 contest to play that are neat in some way, or simply hilariously bad (let's be honest those are fun to play sometimes too). Personally I want to get to record Let's Plays of them in a week or so, but there is just...
  11. Indrah


    Accha, the carrier of a dried seed passed down in her family for generations, meets a young foreigner called Harid, who carries a similar seed. After beating him up and enlisting his aid, along with her childhood friend, Loa, they delve into nearby ruins, following the dubious instructions of...
  12. Indrah

    Born Under the Rain

        Masud did a terrible thing.  Now he wears the Mask of Odion, a cursed relic that's forced his soul into the body of a mummy. Worse is Odion himself, the former owner of Masud's new body.  "Keep walking, sweetheart," Odion says, his phantasmal jawbone clacking and clattering. "Every minute...
  13. Indrah

    How to: finish a project

    How to: finish a project   Hello everyone! This is Indrah, if you don't know me or haven't seen my stuff around before, I can summarize it all as "I've made a buncha games even though I'm kind of an idiot." With that out of the way, I've been wanting to make some "advice" articles for a while...
  14. Indrah

    Request: Huge spidernet floor

    Hello~ I'm here to ask for help about a pretty easy to understand bit: I need a big-ass spider net to cover most of the screen and be the stage for a boss fight. A sample of what I need, very badly edited and undecorated: (sprites for visual aid, not actually included in the request. The idea...
  15. Indrah

    Script Request: Replace template face/sprite sheet with another depending on gender/class (include e

    Premise: I’m working in a game where you can choose your gender and class, and I’d like to use a single face (emotions included) and spirte (if possible supporting poses) per character to automate the replacement of the template graphics with others without constant conditional branches using...
  16. Indrah

    Star's Favour

      After hitching a ride on a shooting star, four unlikely heroes find themselves in a stone temple floating in the night sky. The four have agreed to banish every monster sealed in the temple after hearing the plea of Starlet, a star spirit who sadly was unable to come along. This leaves the...
  17. Indrah

    Weekend Request: 4 Retropixel small sprites

    Hallo, ladies and gents. I’ll try to be brief: I got myself in deep **** a weekend challenge. I’m doing somewhat okay (for the moment, I’ll the howling and panicking about learning to do all the gameplay in a day in a few hours), but this has me really stuck. -I need 4 characters to have...
  18. Indrah

    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    Indrah's (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns for the Indie Game Maker Contest on RMW   Here’s the thing: I  will be playing all the games for the Indie Game Making Contest that were posted on RpgMakerWeb, all 85 of them, over the new few days. I’ll be making short vids of my experience with all of...
  19. Indrah

    Sunken Spire [Game Released]

                Click on the image above or the link below (they all the same thing, but we like pretty things and know some people have trouble viewing images) <Game Download> Download Notes: This is the contest release version. As expected, we had a very, VERY tight deadline and a lot of things...
  20. Indrah

    At hospital need distraction (sry for the scare)

    Edit: I'm not at the hospital or anything anymore, the pain is over. Sorry for the scare *repeat of update* Oof, sorry for this. I was in the emergecy hall waiting to be attended with monstrous ear pain and was losing my mind. While I was trying to fight my parent's phone to make the post I...

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